Why I'm bullish on taking GAMIFICATION to a new level with NFT's

Text and picture by @romanrackwith and his post plus some changes

OMG it is #BeerSaturday week 231

Zwo Drei Oins - Two Three One (C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday Saludos- Bodoh - Cheers - Prost - 欢呼声…

I was homeless twice. Thanks to Crypto, Steem and Hive

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Extreme people get extreme results. Maybe I'm not a normal person. I'm a little hesitan

Call to Action! The First Blockchain War

Hey Hivers! We are very happy that Hive has reached $3.00! Please help us share [this tweet](

Wen Web3 Takes Over the World

Web3 is emerging as one of the most important conversations in crypto. We're still in the early stages of seeing web3 adopted even amongst…

The Stretching Rewards Pool

This morning, the Feed price (that informs the vote values and rewards) hit 2.00 for the first time ever on the Hive blockchain. That…

Guys guys guys: four airdrops = 4 airdrops


Hive Solves It All

What is about Ethereum that makes people spend ridiculous amount on Ethereum gas fee, complain and still stick to it. Over the years we…

UPDATE: Hive Wallet Maintenance on Bittrex

Deposits and withdrawals of Hive are offline for days now on Bittrex due to wallet maintenance. Do you think it will be done any time…

Cost Of Living, Inflation & Surviving

I usually don’t go to the market, anything that has to do with food and groceries are handled by my mum. Whenever my mum goes to the marke

Introducing Leo Alpha

A few weeks ago, @khaleelkazi started a new theme for posts he called LeoAlpha. You can read his initial idea in this post . This…

Apeing into Bloktopia

Here is a project I just aped into. Meet Blocktopia: As you can see from the video, it is some metaverse skyscraper virtual reality…

No more HBD rewards paid? Understanding the Hive Debt Ratio and its effects

Many of you have probably noticed recently that, a few days ago, you no longer received HBD as a reward for your posts. Why was that…

Marketing Update 28 // Brave ads // redesign // Partnerships // Review videos.

Wanted to do a quick update on the last week. Things I have been working on have been crystalizing a bit and hopefully Ill have more than a

What’s next for Germany? / Was kommt als nächstes für Deutschland? [ENG/DE]

I am fascinated by the outcome of the recent election in Germany. There are many possibilities for the negotiations to arrange the next…

Better trainer than never: Small amounts matter

In the first year as a software trainer, I was the second highest customer-rated trainer in the global organization. In the second year, I…

Satoshi Hero - Bitcoin Faucet - Withdrawal Again After Five Days

Five days ago I told you about my experience with [ Satoshi Hero, ](

HIVE pumps are a good time to think about hive-engine projects

As I have continued to learn, develop and grow in this ecosystem, I have noticed a few things, a few tendencies you might call them. As…

Decentralised...? Not So Much (A Monday Morning Rant)

Good morning, everyone! Over the past few months I have been going down the rabbit hole, by watching countless podcasts (mostly about…


Any KIN holders/believers out there? $KIN token was supposed to be the next best thing after sliced bread. The fuel asset for the…