ARC IRIS = an environmentally friendly source of electrical energy

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Hello everyone ... today I will introduce the environmentally friendly ARC IRIS project

In the industrial world, the role of electrical energy is very important, you can imagine how many losses can be caused by a lack of electricity supply. So we need to prepare an electric energy source.


The Iiris Hydrogen Arc Ecosystem is the world's first mining project in which the environment is protected by a unique energy concept. Bitcoin mining is not only very profitable, but also environmentally friendly through the use of innovative technologies that take advantage of the forces of nature.
Arc Iris aims to implement a next-generation integrated project for sophisticated cryptocurrency mining that is carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. This provides a secure long-term investment with reverse cryptocurrency exposure, but is secure against cryptocurrency volatility by ensuring the lowest cost of ownership. This project envisages the use of hydrogen technology to operate cryptocurrency miners. We create cost-effective and efficient cryptocurrency mining facilities with a strong infrastructure backbone. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining are powered by hydrogen and operated using the best and most sustainable methods.
The cryptocurrency mining industry has been revolutionary and exceptional in its founding years since Bitcoin was launched in 2009. Depending on the type of currency, the mining algorithm and the protocol they follow, mining can be done with a variety of processing equipment. Bitcoin needs very powerful devices like ASIC devices that can produce enough computing power to break it down profitably. However, every type of cryptocurrency mining requires large computing power and the simultaneous use of large amounts of energy. HOW TO


Use our unique Smart Mining Cloud function, which is inexpensive and does not pose a danger to our environment! Join today and start with a free hash!

Industry and Market Overview
of Crypto Mining The revolutionary eye of the industry has been exceptional since the founding years since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009. With the increasing maturity of mining, its future looks promising and is full of extraordinary developments. Operating costs, especially energy consumption, play an important role for the entire cryptocurrency mining industry.

On our planet there are always the most different cycles and events, which are partly triggered by nature itself, but also by its inhabitants and individuals who experience development themselves. In the history of the past two centuries, humans have triggered an industrial revolution that has placed the planet's resources in a critical situation.
Many of these resources have now reached their natural end, they are exhausted. Species extinction has never been so great. In the area of ​​plants there are primeval forests, in marine animal areas, on land insects and amphibians. The triggered and important factor for the possible damage is the availability of the energy used, which is essentially directly involved in the destruction. In this context, the CO 2 footprint is the most critical issue related to the cryptocurrency mining industry.
Worldwide, around 1% of the world's total energy is used for cryptocurrency mining. The biggest problem for mining may not even be high energy consumption, but the fact that most cryptocurrency mining facilities are located in regions, particularly in China, that rely heavily on coal power.

Our Iris Arc model has an innovative and disruptive model for successfully overcoming environmental and other cryptocurrency mining issues. Some of our researchers now ward off environmental degradation and offer solutions in all areas. In the energy sector, this is the rediscovery of water as an energy source. It uses elements in the water itself that ensure a clean and environmentally friendly energy supply.
Above all, the limits of the raw material itself are lifted here. We now have the opportunity to access this energy almost unlimited technically and methodologically! The availability of currencies has also changed in recent years due to the limited availability and stock exchange orientation triggered by banks. Seeing new forms of money and currency in a new context has brought cryptocurrency to the fore as a solution and opened up new avenues.
However, it turns out that the system that produces the currency itself is limited by high energy costs. Here we have developed a solution that invalidates this limit. This is a by-product of structured water (hexagonal water), which is divided into hydrogen (today known as molecularly dissolved hydrogen in water) and oxygen (in combination with the brown gas coveted for the detoxification and welding technology of hydrogen) respiratory diseases).
With the help of the fuel cell technology we have developed, we can now drastically reduce the share of external electricity requirements and thus the costs of external electricity. This leads to our concept of complementing the cryptocurrency server service for fuel cells and offering it to our customers in kind. To make this possible, we created our own cryptocurrency - Iris Arc - ACI coin - The Rainbow Currency.



Why Iris Arc?
The latest and most advanced mining hardware
The fastest mining hardware
Low operating costs
Low maintenance costs
Cheaper hardware through extensive purchases
Nice user interface
Alternative currency deductions (Altcoin)
Reliable and reliable mining partner
The ability to mine our cryptocurrency using mining gives you the flexibility you need to take advantage of emerging market opportunities.
Downtime can be ignored as different technicians handle ongoing mining operations and fix the problem immediately.
An honest and transparent cloud mining service
Cloud mining users who don't need to invest a lot in setting up their own mining operations don't have a high initial cost.
Thanks to the hardware already running, the direct mining output is also suitable for new users who use cloud mining contracts
For cloud mining users, there are no losses due to outdated hardware.
You don't have to hire a technician to take care of the hardware
There are no problems or problems related to the mining itself, such as: B.: Warming, loud noise, etc.
Responsive and fast customer service


ADVANTAGES OF HYDROGEN PRODUCTION RC-IRIS Active contribution to environmental protection. Fast and secure transactions around the world Used as loyalty coins in several projects. A rapidly developing community around the world. Arc Iris Coins (ACI) Arc Iris Coins (ACI) are cryptocurrency coins that are based on blockchain technology and can be used in existing payment systems. ACI Coin is based on the blockchain platform from Arc Iris Development Inc.ACI Coin is based on the Scrypt POW algorithm. This makes ACI Coin more secure. ACI Con is used as a loyalty coin. All contracts and reference prices are paid in ACI coins. Iris Arc enables people to invest profitably and achieve returns safely. ACI coin value,
ACI is listed on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, which provide ACI coins with high liquidity and thus offer coin validators a variety of uses. The decentralized coin exchange facilitates the trading and exchange of financial instruments and currencies in the blockchain. ACI coins can be used as currency for common cryptocurrency standards. ACI Coin complies with the latest cryptocurrency standards and works with all relevant applications and platforms.
Every digital wallet can contain ACI coins. ACI coins can be easily exchanged with other cryptocurrencies. ACI coin holders can exchange ACI coins in a cryptocurrency that is different from other currencies. Arc coin name Iris symbol Type ACI utility Total offer 1,000,000,000 Price for 1 ACI coin 0.1 USD Minimum deposit of 100 USD Available in BTC, ETH / KYC, KYC, KYC , AC, Whitelist coins and



ARC-IRIS Wallet is a decentralized multi-currency wallet that offers smooth and hassle-free services.
ARC-IRIS WALLET FUNCTIONS 1. SECURE Private keys that are only stored by the user to ensure maximum security. 2. HD WALLET ARC_IRIS supports Hirachi's determinant wallet, which is equipped with 2 FA. Forward online with a wallet. Check out MULTIPLE DIGITAL ASSETS. ARC-IRS supports ACI, BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, all tokens and ECR20 PAPER WALLET

ARC-IRIS supports paper wallets. The ARC-IRIS wallet will be launched in January 2020. The ARC-IRIS wallet contains 500 ACI coins for the first 10,000 coin offers (ICO).
We want to collect $ 30 million. The integrated cryptocurrency mining function begins with fundraising. Arc Iris has a strong business model that is supported by efficient cryptocurrency mining operations with stable and visible future cash flows and profits. It has been determined that up to 1 billion coins will be issued at a nominal price of $ 0.1. Coin distribution is preferred by ordinary investors, to whom 60% of the ACI coins are allocated through crowd sales.

characterIn addition to the fact that ARC IRIS offers its user devices, projects and ACI tokens will also be available, with which users can not only purchase project devices. But it also pays off for maintenance and offers a number of other benefits for those who don't have such coins in their wallets. When we address the issue of benefits, the founder of ARC IRIS guarantees all users substantial discounts on the maintenance of their facilities, most of which keep a number of internal ACI coins in their wallets.
In total, the developer plans to release 1 billion coins, of which only 60% are available for public sale. The remaining coins with an initial value of $ 0.1 are distributed as follows (see illustration):


December 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019 - 1 ACI = $ 0.025

January 1, 2020 - January 31, 2020 - 1 ACI = $ 0.05
February 1, 2020 - February 29, 2020 - 1 ACI = $ 0.06
March 1, 2020 - March 31, 2020 - 1 ACI = $ 0.07
April 1, 2020 - April 30, 2020 - 1 ACI = $ 0.08


With the help of our team, these donors and investors are a milestone that we hope for.

Q2 2019
project conception and market analysis
Q3 2019
Planning and formation of the ICO team
Q4 2019
Pre-ICO and ICO Launch
Q1 2020
Based on development activity
Q2 2020
Development and start of the beta phase
Q3 2020
start of mining
Q4 2020

marketing and advertising campaignTESTIMONY

I believe in the success of the project
"I have always wanted to mine Cryptos, but high hardware costs and low profits have prevented me from doing so. Iris Arc now has a solution that I was looking for. I am ready and I believe in the success of the project ! "


Nicolas R.
Innovative and grateful project
" Environmental protection, high profits and opportunities to increase the ACI Coins value immediately convinced me and I invested in this innovative and grateful project. "


Elena B was
immediately implemented in many areas
" I believe that this great technology can be implemented immediately in many areas, and I hope everyone benefits immediately. For me there is no question whether I am investing in this project! "


Andreas S.
I believe in the success of the project
" I am satisfied with this technology and I am happy if I can protect the environment when I create cryptos through cloud mining arc iris. "


Oliver K.



The core team consists of experienced industry experts in the field of data centers, cryptocurrencies and reputable financial experts with many years of experience.


I am very happy to see VISION AND MISSION of this project, which wants to make our world better, cleaner and more efficient. Take a closer look at ARC IRIS. Maybe you are an active participant. To make your actions and decisions clearer, I suggest you study ARC IRIS in more detail. For this purpose, at the end of my review, you will find all the project resources needed to gather the most accurate and basic information about ARC IRIS. I am hungry to help. Thank you for your attention and see you again!

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