We Really Don't Value Our Brains

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When it comes to the average person, people go apeshit for free shit. Doesn't even matter what it is, if you're giving it away there is bound to be someone willing to take it off your hands. The internet has driven home the free model for ages now with free access to services.

Sites like Facebook, Google and YouTube since they use other ways of monetising that isn't as upfront but still hugely profitable. The free model has allowed ads to take over the internet in banner placements, video placements, text ads, sponsored videos and posts, the shit is just everywhere.

If you thought TV was bad, since you pay for it and are still subjected to ads, then the internet took that idea and dialled it up to 1000. While we enjoy these so-called free services, we never think of the cost we incur because of it, since they're not taking money out of our pockets immediately.

If you're using Brave browser or some sort of adblocker you can see how many ads are blocked and the time saved on not seeing these ads and I think you'd be surprised at the revenue you generate for sites simply by visiting them each day.

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The brain strain

These sites are playing the long game, it's all a way to sucker you in and getting you to return and scaling this model to as many users as possible. Once you're in, then they unload the dog shit, where they make all the money. Acquiring you may come at a price to them, but you little monkey become a lifetime profit churning cog in the machine.

When you're constantly bombarded with ads, from my research it takes about 3 - 5 times of seeing the same ad and clicking through before you buy or provide your details to the advertiser. Do you not think that all those ads are conditioning your brain? Do you really think you're that smart to block out all that messaging and not have it affect you?

Do you think less intelligent people than you, or kids with their formative brains would not be even more susceptible to this kind of messaging and influencing that will now be able to trigger them later in life?

Breeding consumers

Social media sites, in particular, your TikTok, SnapChat, YouTube and Instagram are all playing the long game with kids.

Parents around the world are handing over their kids, young, dumb and hungry for information and letting these sites tell them what to think and aspire towards.

Their tiny brains are being massaged each day and conditioned to become the consumers of tomorrow. These kids don't have a shot in hell of an original idea with that level of preprogramming and that's what these corporations want.

They want you to be smart enough to earn your own money and then dumb enough to hand it over to them for some shiny piece of shit they keep messaging you about.

Oh, but did I mention you can use these sites for free?

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