Upland - a new blockchain-powered virtual property trading game

in airdrop •  2 months ago 


Upland is a property owning/trading game that uses blockchain technology. I play this game on my smartphone, but I believe it is also currently able to be played via a web browser.


The game is currently in early access, and it appears you can not purchase properties from your real-life location as of yet, but you are promised "unique properties" to earn during early access that will carry over to the full release.

The goal of the game is to use your on-screen avatar to position yourself near properties that you wish to purchase. By purchasing a property you gain steady income from that property to use to by more properties. Because this game runs on a blockchain your ownership is permanently recorded.

I imagine that as with other blockchain-powered games, that you could earn real money if you are able to snag yourself a valuable property and hold onto it.

As I am very new to this game and still learning, if I learn more information I will make a follow-up blog post.

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