ARC IRIS—world’s first mining project to protect the environment!

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Besides the value of bitcoin is currently soaring, electricity demand is also increasing for the mining of digital currencies.

As reported by British researchers from the Ubergizmo website, bitcoin mining now requires electricity that is much like the use of electricity in 20 European countries.
The need for electricity to make the computer turn on is greater than providing electricity to 20 European countries. If the comparison is there are only three countries in Africa that use more electricity than electricity needed to mine bitcoin, namely Algeria, Egypt, and South Africa.

Until now it is estimated that the use of electricity to mine bitcoin for a year requires an electricity supply of 29.05 TWh (1TWh equals 1,000,000,000 KWh). And that number is equivalent to 0.13 percent of electricity usage per year in the world.

The report also includes the consumption of electric power in bitcoin mining has increased by 30 percent in the last month. This is expected because the value of bitcoin has also continued to increase over the past few months.

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The Arc iris Hydrogen Arc Ecosystem is the first mining project in the world to protect the environment through a unique energy concept, making bitcoin mining not only very profitable, but also environmentally friendly through the use of innovative technology, utilizing the forces of nature.
Arc Iris aims to carry out the next generation integrated project for sophisticated cryptocurrency mining which is carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. This will provide a safe long-term investment with reverse cryptocurrency exposure, but safe against cryptocurrency volatility by ensuring the lowest operating costs. This project envisages utilizing Hydrogen technology to power cryptocurrency miners. We create cost-efficient and efficient cryptocurrency mining facilities with a strong infrastructure backbone. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin mining will be powered by Hydrogen energy with best and sustainable practices.

The cryptocurrency mining industry has been revolutionary and remarkable in its formation years since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. Mining can be done using a variety of processing equipment depending on the type of currency and mining algorithm and the protocol they follow. Bitcoin requires very powerful equipment such as ASIC devices that can produce enough processing power to mine it profitably. However, each type of cryptocurrency mining requires large processing power, and the utilization of large amounts of energy simultaneously.

ABOUT THE IRIS ARC HYDROGEN PROJECT. The IRIS HYDROGEN ARC Ecosystem is the first mining project in the world to protect the environment through a unique energy concept, making bitcoin mining not only very profitable, utilizing the forces of nature.

OUR MISSION TO PROTECT NATURAL WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY Using the technology of wind, solar, and hydrogen to operate agricultural crypto-mining, which is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

CURRENT SITUATION IN MINING Industrie 01 Extreme environmental impact

02 Lack of resources
03 Bound on location
04 Low mining yields
05 high maintenance costs

INNOVATION ARC-IRIS 01 No environmental impact

02 Consuming no recourse
03 Flexible location options
04 High mining yields
05 low maintenance costs

Surprising, Profitable and Environmentally Friendly Ways to Mine Cryptocurrency
The Iris Hydrogen Arc has an effective and innovative model for successfully addressing the resources, environment and energy problems of the mining community today.
Our system focuses on the synergistic effect of solar power and the newly rediscovered energy source, hydrogen. This almost unlimited access to primary energy sources is a guarantee of success for our mining technology.
Through a brilliant combination of photovoltaic technology and fuel cells, we can significantly reduce external power input to the mining system, making such activities much cheaper and more attractive.




Rainbow currency, a direct link to ecological values.
ACI coins are intended as a means of payment for various projects related to water treatment systems and hydrogen technology and are also used for cashback programs.
Together with a fast-growing community and various activities, ACI Coin will quickly build and grow its value.
THE ARC IRIS MULTI CURRENCY WALLET ARC-IRIS Wallet is a decentralized multi-currency wallet for people offering smooth and hassle-free services.

ARC-IRIS SAFE WALLET FEATURES Private keys stored only with the user to ensure maximum security HD WALLET ARC_IRIS supports a hierarchical determinant wallet equipped with 2 FA CCSS Cryptocurrency COLD STORAGE security standards Keep private keys offline and run online with a wallet that only watches MULTIPLE ARC- DIGITAL ASSET IRS supports ACI, BTC, ETH, LTC, ZEC, all ECR20 tokens and counting

PAPER WALLET ARC-IRIS supports paper wallets

ARC-IRIS will be launched in January 2020
The ARC-IRIS wallet is equipped with 500 ACI-Coins for the first 10,000

WHY should I buy

Active contribution to environmental protection
Used in several projects as a loyalty coin
A fast-growing community throughout the world
To be used in an existing payment system
Fast and safe transactions all over the world
Register on several major exchanges
Profitable mining using ACI-Coin
Besides the fact that ARC IRIS offers its user equipment, so the project will also be available and ACI tokens with which users can not only buy project equipment. But it also pays for maintenance, and has a number of other advantages over those who don't have such coins in their wallets. If we touch on the topic of benefits, the founder of ARC IRIS guarantees significant discounts to all users for the maintenance of their installations, most of which keep a number of internal ACI coins in their wallets.
In total, the developer plans to release 1 billion coins, only 60% available for public sale. The remaining coins with an initial value of $ 0.1 will be distributed as follows (see figure):

With the help of our team, contributors and investors, this is a milestone we want to achieve
Q2 2019
Project Conception and Market Analysis
Q3 2019
ICO Team Planning and Formation
Q4 2019
Launch of Pre-ICO and ICO
Q1 2020
Starting from the Development Activity
Q2 2020
Development and Launch of the Beta Phase
Q3 2020
Launch of Mining Operations
Q4 2020
Marketing and Publicity Campaign

I believe in the success of the project,
"I always wanted to mine Cryptos but high hardware costs and low profits made me unable to do it. Iris Arc now has a solution I've been looking for. I participate and believe in the success of this project. ! "

Nicolas R.
Innovative and Grateful Projects
"Environmental protection, high profits, and opportunities to increase the value of ACI-Coins, convinced me immediately and I invested in innovation and a thankful project."

Elena B
Immediately in many fields implemented
"I believe that this great technology can be implemented immediately in many fields and I hope that everyone can immediately benefit from it. For me, there is no question whether I am investing in this project! "

Andreas S.
I believe in the success of the project
"I am happy with this technology and I feel happy when I can protect the environment while I create Cryptos through cloud-mining Arc-Iris."

Oliver K.


In conclusion, I want to note the high-tech approach to problems that exist in our world. I am very happy to see someone who wants to make our world better, cleaner, and more efficient. Develop phenomenal project ideas like this for this.
_ Naturally, while the project is in the early stages of development. However, if thousands of people trust it, it can certainly take the leading position among all mining equipment. However, all the processes are far more economical and more efficient, and are therefore ready to show a very good profit ratio. _
Because of that, good friend. Take a closer look at ARC IRIS. Maybe you will be one of the active participants. And to make your actions and decisions clearer, I suggest you study ARC IRIS in more detail. To do this, at the end of my review, you will find all the necessary resources of the project, where the most accurate and basic information about ARC IRIS is collected. I am happy to help. Thank you for your attention and see you again!

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