Make Barbados Great Again

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Barbados is on a mission to fix their reputation and officials have expressed hopes that within the next decade that they will be able to restore the brand in general.

The PM, M. Mottley, recently announced a 7 year plan to make Barbados great again, and encouraged individuals in the region to actively participate toward achieving this goal.

Everywhere you look you can find different regions that have been engaging in one new marketing campaign after the next, in an attempt to re-brand and pull in new tourist interest worldwide.

And Barbados is no different, they too want to turn things around and might not like what they perceive to be their current reputation.

Over the next several years, leaders in Barbados insist that they are going to be working to transform the destination into a world-class society.

They want it to be a place that is seen to enable family and businesses to thrive, to eventually become one of the best places to live in the world.

“... it will require us being open to change – change how we eat, how we work, change how we build, change how we relate to one another," - PM, M. Mottley

Among the changes include:

  • new developments for waste management in the region
  • improved public transportation
  • increased port security
  • better water and energy service.

Despite the changes they still want to make, Barbados is already considered one of the top island destinations in the Caribbean to live. It has also been recommended as a top retirement destination.

The move for making Barbados great again has sparked a conversation with government, with some suggesting that they would like to see more on the IMF front, with Barbados looking to aggressively get out of debt rather than go further into it. If the country wants all hands on deck and contributing to solutions, they should set the example by not operating in the negative themselves, and spending more than they can afford.


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Changes are not bad when they take into account all aspects of the region, it is common to hear a government seeking change, but this change is at a cost?, many populations are left helpless by the deviation of budgets, which makes it more difficult to qualify for opportunities in education, health and other aspects of basic activities for a generation to prosper, just because the change is for an elite or a small group of entrepreneurs, and more when it comes to allying with the IMF.

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@doitvoluntarily, If any place have Potential then it definitely deserve Restoration. Hope that this place will be Transformed soon and will achieve more adoption by World Travellers. Stay blessed.

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I hope the government turn their negativity into positiveness too for the sake of Barbados becoming great again.

I haven't heard much from Barbados in a while so I hope they can turn things for the better in the region.

Great post, shared on twitter here:

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That’s another great post. Barbados is cool, but I’m for Jamaica.
As a side note that
religious nut has to go!
Wrecking our feed.
Find another venue to hassle and haunt.
See ya.

you mean spam comments?

Yes stand corrected.

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