Bilpcoin food photo contest 100BPC prize

10 months ago
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We have decided to run yet another food photo contest and would love the whole community to take part it's easy just take a photo of a some food create a post and you must use tag #bilpcoin or #bpc and you must mention us @bilpcoin

all entries photos must be there own please that's all we ask if we find out that any entries photo is not there own they will not be able to enter any of our future contests giveaways competitions

Once you have made a post please share the post link to this post to make it easier for us to find everyone who has entered


The winner will be announced next week winner takes all 100BPC

Bilpcoin tribe site

Tribe token BPC

You must make a post mentioning us and send the link of that post to this post to make it easier to find the winner will win 100BPC tokens

No blacklisted users on any blacklist can take part

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