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Have you heard of If you haven't, then I'm telling you about it.

32FTXiZsHoAW6noHJDhrg3W8ZKHVFSsLYM859aTDCF8iErL96sYY3JcFdsBydEWCJLcnFwJTwYAuaCvBu7KSev91uE6TZ9WCFbX4o3gVWw78tSi5AdK6ieVPSp7uVDd4Podhq26tAr4dm2GW.jpeg is a branch of steemit that lets you make posts about all manner of subjects. The main subjects are money, crypto, music, gaming and life. No spam posts allowed.



Make a post on any subject of your choosing on

If we have less than 10 posts, each author gets 5 BPC, main token of the #bilpcoin tribe. If we have 10 or more posts, each author receives 10 BPC tokens.


#Bilpcoin has another token called BPCR By buying and holding this token you will get one upvote daily on one post. The mission is to power up one million steempower @bilpcoinrecords. We will also curate music and support other music projects on the Blockchain and off the Blockchain. We are part of @bilpcoin if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Use #bilpcoin on your posts to earn BPC

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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So what happens to it

@fredkese You have only 1x resteem+upvote left. Please re-subscribe sending 0.5 and 'pizza' in memo to get 30 more resteems + 30x $~0.02 upvotes

Or if you want infinite daily resteem + daily $~0.02 upvote you can simply delegate 30 SP with this link.
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0.5 sent

Thanks! Added to the DB


Great news! I will check it out and participate there.

I hope you do

Hi, @fredkese!

You just got a 1.65% upvote from SteemPlus!
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@fredkese, Good to know that. Let's hope Bilpcoin will grow while implementing effective steps.

It would, and I hope you don't miss out

Thank you.

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