Still Bullish...?!

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You need nerves of steel to be still bullish on BTC lately. Actually it's pretty hard to be bullish on anything with this whole Corona panic.

I am still bullish though and consider that we're still in the early stages of a new bull market.

Halving is less than three months away and with 6.25 BTC per mined block as mining rewards I doubt we will ever see Bitcoin under $10,000 after that event.

People more technical than I talk about a strong pull back before every halving and this might be it. Or not... who knows?!

I know that I'm not paying attention to mood swingers anymore that turn from bulls to bears and vice versa with every trend reversal.

I am not selling my shicoins yet, not planning on endless hodling either. Got a plan and will stick to it.

What about you, how do you feel about BTC lately? Bull or bear? Hodl, buying or selling?

By the way, on a macro trend Bitcoin is smiling at us, twice, if you have the eyes to see that.

Thanks for attention,

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I’m still bullish, but looking out 2-10 years on this space. A lot of people tend to forget how early we are

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That's why macro perspective helps. Too much clutter on the daily or weekly charts. One thing that I want to accomplish is to not check on charts that often anymore. Curious to see how halving will affect the price.

Definitely. I have a bad habit of checking charts several times a day as well. Slowly been getting better at staving off the impulse

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I have been getting rid of bitcoin for a long time, I have given up for many years. I was probably wrong.

If you bought it when it was very cheap then you made a good deal.

Yes, but I scattered them ...

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