Would you like to use Crypto in any store?

10 months ago
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I would love to use Crypto in any store I want. It would be so baller to go into a store and plop down some crypto for what ever you want or need. Who else out there would love to use and trade crypto then eventually buy what they need or want with it? I am sure there are a few people out there who want to do that. Would you like to earn a paycheck with crypto as well. That would be pretty awesome and secure.

Me I want to use crypto because I am so tired and beyond sick of banks taking tons of my money in fees and interest and I get literally nothing back from it. They get hacked by hackers and nothing happens to them. They do not tell people they were hacked and suddenly you have some credit problems. Oh well tough crap for you, oh and I am still going to charge you to hold your money. I will also take your money and allow others to borrow against it and make interest off the money I am charging you to leave it in my bank.

Oh how about how long it takes for a money transfer to happen. It could takes days and longer depending on all sorts of other crap like laws and weather the bank does business normally with another bank. Yeah what a pain. Oh and the fees associated with said transfers are crazy too much as well. I am so sick of banks. I started to hate banks when I was 18 and had my first account. I was making literally no money. I had about 180 dollars in the bank after a summer of working. I wanted money there so I can do things with my friends. But when I went to get money out I had 30 dollars less in my account. I never took money out of my account did any transactions or anything of that sort. I was charged so much money a month for no reason. I started hating banks back then lol.

There is a way around this. This way will allow any merchant to accept crypto exactly the same way they accept credit cards now. The same machine will be used and no extra work on their part will be needed. You are probably asking yourself what the hell is he talking about? How is this possible? Where on Earth can you find a crypto based credit card. The answer is they do have them but they charge you as the owner a ton of fees to allow you to use crypto with a credit card. There is another way, a better way.

I will be coming out with [art two real soon. Please comment below and tell me your thoughts on this topic.