Bitcoin Burned Is Alot Better Than Bitcoin Bought Or Bitcoin Earned

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Hey Jesselfless individuals

If you haven't already guessed by now, I am a fan of BTC, the hardest money ever created it's given me renewed hope that I can still salvage myself from this shit show of a country, economic system and education system all designed to keep you on the hamster wheel chasing your water droplets and protein pills and feeding you myths of opportunity to keep you going.

As you can tell I place a lot of hope on this one, and I'm riding it to zero or to the moon. BTC could be the instrument of our liberation and is the only way I know how to peacefully protest against all I disagree within the current system.

To paraphrase the legendary humanitarian Borat, I say.

BTC, greatest currency in the world, all other currencies are run by little girls.

Bitcoin Burned

Acquiring freedom coins

Acquiring these freedom-loving digital coins is a new hobby of mine, as I plot a course to becoming a 1 coiner. The vast majority of the BTC I own I traded in filthy fiat and got some BTC instead but I've also earned BTC through the various site or odd jobs online.

I can tell you Bitcoin bought is sweet, and Bitcoin earned is sweeter but Bitcoin burned is the sweetest treat of all.

So what do I mean by Bitcoin burned?

Unfortunately, in a decentralised world with poor UI, very bad education and normies being what normies are they'll fuck it up the first few times they use BTC or any of the ways we interact with the chain.

Each year Bitcoin is lost through negligence and stupidity and these selfless unsung heroes who do this, they only serve to remove BTC from circulation and make the BTC we own even more valuable.

These unwatchful guardians, these silent protectors of my BTC value, these dark knights, I salute you. Your loss is all of ours gain, your valuable donation to the community drives us on, and in a world where nominal BTC is lost, the value is only shared among less BTC.

If you ever wanted to donate to the cause or hate BTC an want to bring us down, buy ALL THE BTC you can and send it to these burners addresses

Even if you lost it, you still have a piece of it

Yes I know I'm making light of a painful experience, losing any amount of BTC can be horrific but all you're doing is moving the value to new BTC. It's all part of the ecosystem and why a fixed supply of money seems like such a weird concept to people.

I for one spread my coins across multiple addresses and some are in more secure places than others so I have no single point of failure. Taking ownership of your money is hard, it takes time, you may also be burned by expensive lessons but don't let that put you off, owning, burning or earning BTC.

It's an ecosystem that never stops giving!

Have your say

What do you good people of HIVE think? Are you especially careful about how you store your BTC?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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You are right on that and after few years I have checked my Ethereum wallet and did some transactions. I had some emotions if I would remember my password for the private key I was holding, but after few retries I've got it right. I guess it is very easy for people to forget their credentials after some time if those are not written in stone or something alike.

I try to keep all my wallets and passwords and pneumonic phrases in order and have multiple copies but I am scared I will forget them, lol so I check them every month

I will help you. Just hand over the password and I keep them safe :-)

First send all your BTC to my wallet and then I'll think about giving you the passwords

Absolutely - Just give me your private key so I know where to sent the money.

Sure, please send me your KYC, passport and proof of home address thank you

home adress? I live where I have my blanket. Do you think I am rich.. .I am contentwriter - not a SEO-specialist.

Lol you live in Sweden that makes you richer than 90 percent of Africa! You think I’m collecting these bitcoins for fun? I’m trying to built a get my ass to Europe so I can dominate SEO their, apart from Uk sites most European sites have shocking Seo

I admire one's ambition to get out of hamster wheel and make the best from living in a country which might not offer the best. Keep it up💪

Waiting around hoping someone is going to save you us not a plan lol especially in Africa! At lest other countries they pretend to care here they make sure they show you they don’t care at all

Can’t complain, can only make a plan to make the best of it

Making plans is always good. Sticking to them is even better

@tipu curate

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Thanks for the support :)