Great to Hear

8 months ago
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I first heard about bitcoin on an NPR episode called What is Bitcoin? in 2011. There was much learning to be had. News on items bitcoin came very few and far between. Yet, when it did, it was exciting to hear anything once in a while. Of course, nearly the only time bitcoin was mentioned was due to a hack, or a Mt. Gox or Silk Road type incident.

I found some podcasts, which I enjoyed (and still do). However, they came out every week or so. This was much better than once-in-forever blurbs, but things move so quickly in crypto that timeliness was hampered.

So, I'm thrilled to have recently discovered the daily podcasts from Coindesk. The Markets Daily one is good, but there's only so much market talk that one can handle. The one I'm especially enjoying is The Breakdown.
The talk is concise enough to be consumed easily, yet the folks seem thoughtful on the topics. They go deep, but not too deep. Being able to hear real, informative bitcoin and crypto talk each day is fantastic and makes me think of how far things have come since I first heard of this crazy space.