BTC - The break of the triangle is now confirmed

in bitcoin •  2 months ago 

Hello all,

Here is the chart of my last analysis :


Here is the current chart :


Yesterday, I was saying you that we need a move more powerfull to confirm or invalidate the break of the triangle. This is now done as the correction is taking place.I traced for you in blue the next support lines where we should see a little support during this correction. Let's see which level the market is ready to go test and try to break it.

I wish you massive profits,


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Aloha @cryptopassion!

when it comes to Bitcoin and Steem or now Hive, I've always watched your analysis. I really like your neutral and sober way of chart analysis.

In my analyses, I also use chart techniques, besides the analysis of market psychology and political and economic events. But also the history of the crypto market helps me in my decisions.

Many hype the next halving as a bull market, which in my opinion is just manipulation of the cryptomedia. The whole crypto market is unfortunately already infiltrated by the old financial elite.

I suspect a sideways trend for a while considering the last halving. Corona is doing its part.

Good luck and may the good be with you!