Collecting From Bitcoin (and altcoin) Faucets

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Years ago Bitcoin faucets were a way to earn some (small) amount of BTC. Visiting these sites and claiming in regular intervals got you some Satoshis. You couldn't make a fortune yet you could gather some assets.

Especially when you entered the referral system of these sites and were successful in spreading your referral link and gathering some active followers/referrals.

From all the myriad of faucets, not many have remained. Occasionally I check the status at three sites (referral links ahead):

CoinPot which aggregates earnings from seven faucets:

Satoshi Hero


Again, you won't get rich. Yet, with a decent referral base, it could be a passive source. This was especially true a couple of years ago when Bitcoin's value was at its top.

Since I didn't check and cash out from these sites in quite a long time a small fortune is waiting to be picked up.

For example, CoinPot's dashboard tells me:

After internally converting all these coins and tokens into Bitcoin the result is:

0.00222949 BTC to claim

According to @coingecko, this amounts to $19.55 excluding the fee. Nice.

Connoisseurs among you might say that these nineteen dollars is a big amount. Yet, it is possible when you have almost 3,000 referrals as I have at Bonus Bitcoin.

Another Proof Of Referral from Satoshi Hero

Is there a moral to this story? A hint or advice? You might be too late to enter this game. Yet, when you never start, you will never earn. It's like expecting to win the lottery without buying the ticket :)

I wish you all good luck with your investments, financially and timewise.

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You are welcome and thank you!

You know faucets aren't a bad source of satoshis or whatever coin, I have used them for a long time, in the end I always end up gambling them, at least I didn't lose any money that I ever had in my hands this way. I am trying to be more orderly now, also I have never looked for referrals.

Thanks for your comment. !BEER

You can try with referrals too. When you have a following at some social media channel it could be rewarding.

Good luck!

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