When will the BTC correlations end?

8 months ago
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Everything is mostly correlated to Bitcoin, still

In today's world that seems odd to me.

We have exchanges that price assets in many other cryptos besides just btc.

Eth is a big one, but tether, USD, and even XRP and EOS are other trading pairs used.

Why in the world are we still seeing things like this:

(Source: https://twitter.com/skewdotcom/status/1219547960406614018)

You would think in today's world, investors could be smart enough to price projects based on their own merits as opposed to whatever is going on with bitcoin.

It's weird.

Bitcoin is almost like the crypto market, and then each project is its individual think.

When the market (bitcoin) goes up, all boats are lifted, and then when market bitcoin goes down, all boats lower.

Weird indeed.