'Bitcoin accepted at 100.000 stores worldwide'

in bitcoin •  9 months ago 

More than 100 thousand merchants and organizations worldwide accept bitcoin as a payment currency. This number comes from digital assets management firm Grayscale, which has 2.6 billion dollars worth of digital assets. The firm is very bullish on bitcoin, proven by the infographic they released.

Grayscale praises the accessibility, lack of censorship and speed of bitcoin transactions. They believe Bitcoin can be a store-of-value, but also a way to break borders, or do payments anywhere in the world.

Currently bitcoin is accepted for payments at online retailers like Overstock and Newegg, and travel companies like Expedia. There are also plenty of solutions that allow consumers to pay in bitcoin while merchants receive euros or dollars. Fintech companies like Bitpay and Flexa are among the biggest in this field. Bitpay is being used to allow American citizens to pay their taxes in crypto, while Flexa allows users to pay for their coffee at Starbucks.

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