BTC Analysis, few indicators

in btc •  7 months ago 


One of my hobbies lately is to see some TA and try to get the right prices on BTC or other tokens.

Lately, I think I've made a couple of good predictions that you can see if you look back at my publications and some comments I've been leaving on some @jondoe posts. Trying to specify a little more the last thing I published about the resistance pattern that becomes support I have made this chart in the huobi tool using a couple of indicators:

  • The resistance line converted into a support that we talked about earlier
  • The Fibonacci recoil lines starting from the last big rush from 3000 to 14000.

If we cross those two lines we get a price of 8300 on November 9, that's when you can produce the rebound and another big rush.

We will see

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Perhaps no so waiting...