MODERN MONETARY THEORY - can anyone explain major differences between MMT and current monetary system?

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For the past several months, my personal interest with business and economy (both in micro and macro scale) have been growing rapidly. There isn't a day that goes by that I would not learn something new - it is a fascinating and complex world, full of unknown relationship and constantly evolving.

And every now and then I encounter topics, which are often initially to difficult to understand - I've spent hours trying to figure out what QE (quantitative easing) or REPO markets are about. And while I've been researching those two terms, I bumped into a new one: MMT (modern monetary theory).

And I must admit, that more I learn about it, the more confused and unsure I was about how this model could potentially work and what consequences we should all expect if MMT would ever gain more popularity. And it seem that it's popularity is only growing.

So today, I would actually like to ask you, dear readers, to share with me your knowledge and view on that particular topic.

MODERN MONETARY THEORY - a few questions


Most of all, I found it important to understand what problems MMT does try to solve and what challenges it will face ahead. How is it different from the current monetary system and how could it affect businesses and life or regular people.

I would also like to know, what are the threats to the "current state of things" if MMT would ever be introduced? Are there any real advantages and disadvantages of this solution? What risks and benefits would we be all facing?

I cannot stop but wonder if MMT will impact stock markets, inflation, property markets and ... crypto. And if it does - what kind of impact should we expect?

Those are some of questions I've been asking myself. Hopefully some of you, dear readers, have the necessary knowledge and willingness to share it with me and others.



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