Powering up 2547.826

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So today is the big day. #spud5. I am excited to power up steem today because I really believe in the people on this blockchain. Crypto currency is here to stay and the way of the future. I believe steem is the future. So today I powered up some steem. Here is before the power up.


Here is after!!!



I want to encourage everyone to power up steem. Every little bit helps.
Thanks for checking this out..

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Way to go.

This is massive! Congrats for clinching the first position.

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Holy smokes that's great! What did you use to buy it all?

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Nice! But I meant which exchange.

Coinbase to @blocktrades

Ah! Did you compare exchanges or just do that one 'cause it's the simplest? I ask because blocktrades has always been more expensive than others to me, but it's certainly convenient, so I use it whenever I have a small purchase to make.

It's really the only one I know of.. I've used them for both of my accounts too

I use bittrex mostly for large buys.

Just saved up.. lol

Epic epic epic poweruo that’s like close to half a dolphins worth hot dang! Almost a dolphin yourself what an awesome SpUd!

Wow! Nice Power Up!!

WOW that an awesome power UP, good to see SPUD 5 starting well

Nice power up.. great percentage.. possibly a prize winner from @streetstyle !tip

Ooo look at you getting all steemroided. :)

That laaitie is my spirit animal LMK

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