How To Turn EOS Into Weed(Step By Step Guide On How To Convert EOS Into Weedcash)

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Hello my fellow Steemians! Have you heard that Weedcash is now available on the Newdex Exchange? Yes, Weedcash is now on the EOS Block Chain! I am having fun learning , and I do have to say I am catching a little bit of the crypto bug. I have to give Steem-Engine the credit. I am starting to think I should of listen to my parents before I signed up to Steem, "Steem is a gateway to crypto, stay away!" Boy where they right. All joking to side, this Eos/Weedcash merger has some serious potential. It is also a great example of two block chains working together. It should be an interesting landscape in the world of crypto when more block chains team up, and work together.

Below is a simple guide on how to buy some EOS Weed. This is not intended to be taken as financial advice. If you are to take financial advice from me, you are either smoking to much herb, or you just do not care about money. With that said, lets get started.

What you will need to buy EOS Weed

  • A Coinbase account
  • A Scatter account
  • Some money
  • Some cannabis(Not necessary, but will enhance your EOS Weed experience)

Step 1 Buy EOS

Screenshot (2).png

** I used my debit card to purchase some EOS on Coinbase

Step 2 Send EOS to your wallet

Screenshot (4).png

** Always send the very minimum at first, to verify you are sending to the right place. You do not want to send all your funds, and then find out you had the wrong info!

Screenshot (5).png

Step 3 Go to the Weedcash Market on Newdex

Screenshot (6).png

Step 4 Use your EOS to buy some Weed

I have 2.4598 EOS. I am going to buy Weed for 0.000236 EOS apiece.

Screenshot (7).png

Screenshot (8).png

Step 5 Allow Scatter to complete the transaction

Screenshot (9).png

Screenshot (10).png

Ok now I have some EOS Weed! Now time to send some Weed to Steem-Engine, and stake some up. I will keep half of Weed here to HODL on Newdex.

Step 1 Go to Steem-Engine and go to deposit and find Weedcash EOS

Screenshot (11).png

Step 2 Click on get deposit info

Screenshot (12).png

So to send Weed from EOS to Steem-Engine requires a memo. Do not forget to use memo, or funds may be lost.

Step 3 Go to your Weed asset and click to open send

Screenshot (13).png

Step 4 Put Weed amount to send to address with the mandatory memo

Screenshot (14).png

Step 5 Allow Scatter to perform transaction

Screenshot (15).png

You should get this box if it is a success from Scatters end

Screenshot (16).png

Oink, oink!

Step 6 Check trade history to make sure you got your Weed

Screenshot (17).png
** Note, there is a 1% fee to deposit

Step 7 Stake and curate!

Screenshot (18).png

Well I hope you find these instructions easy to follow. One thing that I fell confident on, is if I can do this, so can you. Why should you do this? Well sometimes Weed is cheaper on EOS, I picked up this 990 Weed cheaper then on Steem-Engine. Another thing, if we get more volume on Newdex, maybe we can garner more attention, and get some new recruits to create content on Weedcash. Just my two thoughts, one thing I know for sure, this is really cool. Next post I work on, will be how to trade your weed for EOS. Until then, Steem on!

Eos/Weed logo courtesy of @ackza



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Yikes, this method requires at least 8 things I don't have, starting with a bank account. I'm unbanked, like 3/4 of the world's population, so this method isn't available to me/us.

If the crypto world wants to be legitimate it MUST distance itself from the legacy banking system. Yes, bridges between the two must exist, but right now just about everything in the crypto world requires a person to remain within the default world.

I left banking more than 5 years ago, haven't touched a debit card, credit card, PayPal, or anything else connected to that world in years. I'm a success story.... or am I?

I find that most crypto, more and more, is actually just another digital currency that is connected to banks and government. Exchanges, to be avoided at all costs in the first place, are accepting government regulations, tying themselves in with the banks, and losing most of what made them "crypto".

This is probably great info for people who are living within both worlds, but many of us, either through our convictions or through limitations imposed by others, can't participate.

Also, and I think all crypto people already know this rule, but I didn't see it mentioned:

Never store anything at a bank or an exchange. If you don't hold it, including the private keys, you don't own it. That goes for precious metals, cryptos, and all other forms of money and currency. This IS financial advice.

Great point! Ill up vote to bring this comment to the top. Yeah man I hear yah, not everyone has a bank account, but that's the beauty of Steem, you can earn off your content. Especially if it's good. Im learning more about crypto, and im sure there are better way's to get EOS, then Coinbase. I hear there are always airdrops going down.

I think bridges and roads are being built all the time, and soon there will be more options for people who are ONLY in the crypto world. But right now, trust me, it's tough! See how far you get without a smart device and bank account! Hopefully people using PCs and other ways to access the internet won't be left out. For me, based at home, the PC is the most powerful and private way to use the internet. I'm rarely out. I don't need wifi, which is just more radiation for my baby, and less privacy. But for some reason everything is going wifi, smart, mobile. Maybe this next bull move up will bring a new boom to the crypto world, and with it, more options for unbanked people.

Oh man i once had no bank acount, and that was rough. Cashing checks was a mission, your bascially fucked without a bank account, but it is so cool that crypto is fighting the staus quo. Hopfully one day not having a bank account will be a lot easier to make it in this society. Danks for the comment

Hello. A crypto journey eh? Well have fun.

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Thats the plan, :)

Hi @jonyoudyer,
"Steem is a gateway to crypto, stay away!"
Good words, good work.

Thanks alot bro!

This is so cool man! It blies my mind how creative people we have in our community. Keep up the good work.. i will upvote and resteem this is great content!

Thanks man.

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