SE Charts: Tipping Token: BEER, TRDO, TPU [Feb20]

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Comparing price performance of four tipping token


Starting point is 01.08.2019. The earliest point to get consistent price data from all coins.

TokenPrice Performance [%] (1)Median Token Volume (2)Median Steem Volume (2)

(1) Price performance covers the period from 01.08.19 to 07.02.2020.

(2) Median Volume for token and Steem covers the complete trading history.

Pairwise comparison of daily percentage changes


First derivative of token correlation coefficients:


Coefficients range from -1 (inverse relationship) through 0 (no relationship) to + 1 (perfect correlation).

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

BEER token was launched by @detlev as a fun project to celebrate beer.

You can join in on the fun at

Follow @beerlover for regular updates about the state of BEER and weekly price Charts.

Since 15th of January 2020 BEER generated by proof of stake and sent via call will be staked instantly: The BEER comes now STAKED.

Unstake cooldown: 56 days - or 8 weeks. The time @detlev likes his beer to rest before enjoying it.


Left Y-Axis: Token Volume; Right Y-Axis: Steem/BEER

Start date: 01.06.2019

Data from 18.03. 2019 through 31.05.2019 is omitted because negligible trading volume.

Trendo Token is a tipping service that allows Steemians to reward posts with tokens beyond upvotes. Similar to DRAMA or BEER it is necessary to stake token in order to call the bot. Once called, author and caller will receive token proportional to the callers balance after 3 days.

More details are in the TRDO token introductory post by @theguruasia. Make sure to check out their last update because a few significant changes happened and more exciting changes are planned. A different play on the curation window is only one of the smaller ideas.



Left Y-Axis: Token Volume; Right Y-Axis: Steem/TRDO

Start date: 01.08.2019

Data from 18.06 trough 31.07.2019 omitted in chart because of negligible trading volume until a healthy market developed.

TPU is the token of the @tipU project on Steem. Holding TPU means participating in the daily profits. Check it out at and have a look at the announcement post

No staking required


Left Y-Axis: Token Volume; Right Y-Axis: Steem/TPU

Start date: 13.07.2019

Price data is represented by daily lows in order to be conservative. Some tokens display a huge spread or sometimes don't trade at all. The daily low represents a bid where a transaction could happen.

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If you want to make some charts on your own:

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Disclaimer 1: Author may own discussed token at the time of writing.

Disclaimer 2: These charts do not constitute investment advice. Because why in the world would you take investment advice from a random account on the internet? What is wrong with you? Don't do that!

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how does one buy the BEER token??

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Here is one !BEER
You can get more on

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Hey @wamush, here is a little bit of BEER from @bluerobo for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.