Announcing the launch of CineTV

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Announcing CineTV. The hive ecosystem's very own film and TV project.

Brought to you by Hive Engine's favourite BRO's, The Man Cave Project.

CineTV is an entirely free tribe to the Hive community and is 95% proof of brain. That means no initial coin sell off, no miners, no insta-whales, just pure, hardcore effort (and fun). Join in with us to see what we as a community can create!

Discord: Coming soon


Tokenomics (Because I know some of you will only read as far as this)

Initial supply: 10 Million

Breaking that down.. That's:

  • 1 M - Airdrops
  • 1 M - Curation Account
  • 2 M - Team
  • 4 M - Bounties & Marketing
  • 2 M - null

PoB: 95%
Beneficiary: 5% @brofund

Let's go a little more in depth here:


There will be an initial airdrop of 150,000 $Cine on both Bro holders and Leo LP stakers with a 75%/25% split. 75% of the airdrop going to BRO holders, and 25% to Leo.

The reason that I chose to drop also on Leo holders is because they continue to reward and support The Man Cave well, and I wanted to repay some of that gesture.

850,000 $cine Future airdrops to be determined.

Curation account

1 Million tokens will be allocated to a tribe curation account that will monitor for and upvote awesomely engaging posts. I will not however mint and power up those tokens immediately, we will start off with a relatively low number such as 50k $cine powered up, and grow as the tribe gets larger.


2 Million tokens to the tribe team for the length of this project. I will drip feed this to them on a monthly basis.


4 Million to bounties and marketing. I realise that this is a hefty budget, however I do plan to get out there and sell our tribe as much as I can and when I can.


2 Million to null.

95% Proof of Brain

47.5% Curation / 47.5% Author rewards. There will be no miners ever.

5% @brofund beneficiary

5% of all rewards will be sent back to @brofund and divided out amongst BRO holders daily at the rate of 100%. All of my accounts will be blacklisted. So, 100% for the BRO's baby!

What's our purpose?

Everyone likes movies don't they? I can recall at least ten movies from my childhood and several in my adulthood that has made a significant impact on my life. I expect you can too. Movies and TV shows make you feel, dream, aspire, laugh, and thirst for more -- they are one of the ultimate forms of entertainment and engagement. This is why we wanted to bring this feeling to hive. A way of deepening and widening the artistic experience of the hive community.

No, no, we won't expect you to crack your knuckles and bash out something fit for a Nobel Prize in Literature, no, we are aiming for more of a general discussion around Film & TV. At the start at least.

We'll be looking for discussion, reviews, favourites, memorabilia, hell even meme's if you have them! Whatever you like to do, we want to hear about it.

The ultimate aim is to eventually get you all off discord and onto our front ends chatting away with each other about your favourite episode of Breaking Bad, or why you thought the new Wonder Woman was so shit (or great!).

The idea started off when myself and @taskmaster4450 watched an hour long discussion over on discord with a few people who were talking about their favourite TV shows. Great idea we thought! And thus, the idea for CineTV was launched.

But we know we won't be able to do this with the tools we have right now. We use discord because the blockchain tools for communities and asynchronous chat aren't currently up to what we would like. It's not that developers can't do it, it's just that there hasn't been a huge focus on front end communities.

That's why our first line of operations will be to seek out and hire a front end developer to completely redesign our front end. This is our first goal, and our most important in the short term. Which brings me to my next topic:

Short term goals

  • Completely redesign the front end to meet our needs and goals
  • Reach out to other aspiring hive communities to see how we could work together
  • Set up a robust dividend system that feeds back nicely to BRO holders
  • Network with @taskmanager to potentially get $cine hooked up with @brofi in the near future

Long term goals

  • Network with Film & TV critics
  • Try and onboard amateur and aspiring Film and TV producers
  • Look at the possibilities of fanbase merchandising
  • exploring the realm of fanfare and fanfiction

other ideas

I am absolutely all in favour of creating dapps and games on our chain but this is something I can't commit to as of yet because of the work involved and the cost it will take to impliment. However, I am very much a fan of decentralisation so you can absolutely come here and build what you like, and profit in any way you see fit. As long as it's not a scam of course, and then you'd be nuked off the planet!

I will be looking at building sinks, and lots of them! If not from me, then I will be looking at encouraging (and possibly rewarding) community member that build some of their own sinks.

What next?

Okay, so our tags are #cine and #cinetv - if you've got film or TV to talk about then use them. Whilst you guys are doing that we will build around you!

And more importantly have fun. There is no deduction for not using our front end. But you can if you wish!

Peace out Bro's.