The Daily Option: Why did I join the Steemleo Community?

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I joined Steemleo because:

  1. The community Focus is on investments, so I hope to learn from other investors who join and blog on the platform. I mean who doesn’t want to learn more about making money?

  2. Multiple Streams of income in the community

A. Author Rewards and curation rewards.
B. Virtual miners so I can accumulate the coin by mining.
C. Delegation to Leo.voter to earn Leo daily
D. Leo.voter Bid Bot which takes Leo and rewards Steem.

  1. Curation Bots to limit spam, yes in all communities to some degree their are teams devoted to downvoting low quality spam posts. I think this is tricky. But probably a necessary item.

  2. Bidbot Leo.voter is a Token sink where token paid for votes is burned. This helps Leo to help fight coin inflation and in theory should increase the price.

  3. The developers and project creators are performing like this is very well thought out in advance and the project roll out has been very organized and transparent.

Those are my top five reasons.



Have You heard about Steemleo? A community for investors or people who want to learn about investing!


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