Newest Steem Engine Tribe: SteemLeo

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SteemLeo just went live with another Scotbot community.

What is SteemLeo?

SteemLeo is a new community based on the Scotbot engine that is focused on investing related posts.

SteemLeo has its own token LEO on Steem Engine and it's own condenser instance (frontend) at They also have a custom dTube instance at One of the first using the new ScotTube functionality.

Their community (aka Tribe) works very similar to PAL with EIP like settings.

  • 50/50 Curation
  • 1 Free Downvote daily
  • slightly superlinear curve

If you have PAL powered up, check Steem Engine as you likely received an airdrop of free tokens based on how much PAL you had powered up.

If you post a lot of investing like content, it's worth checking them out.

If you want to be able to influence SteemLeo payouts, you will need to stake your LEO tokens.

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Nice thumbnail 😎
Honestly not too big of a bother to me bc that’s a pretty simple one that I made.

Was just going to kindly ask that you be like “yo, imma use this” next time. Or tag me as image source.
Not even for sure if you know that wasn’t made by Steem Leo. I did have my video up just 2-3 hours after they went live. I know it’s totally possible that somebody else took the image first, then it just spread. I figured you’d have commented on my post/video if you saw it and liked it. I’m aware you’re a reputable steem user.

As long as you’re helping spread the word of Steem that which it entails I’ll always be on your side.

Again, not a huge deal, I just felt the need to speak up. I guess I’m just trying to make sure you know I’m busting my ass to keep doing everything I can to make steem (& the branches that come of it such as Steem Leo) look like a great place to be. It’s not always easy to get recognized for your efforts on here.


Sorry about that, I thought that was their image. I put a link in the footer to your profile and gave you a vote.


This was my gut feeling. I figure many used this same image since it was one of the first ones to get circulating.
I appreciate you getting back so quickly. No harm done here.
Respect 🤝

Hello #NewSTEEM

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I still haven't gotten any tokens. lol

sorry about that @enforcer48. We just fixed the issue and sent your LEO tokens. Hope you can forgive us for the rocky start on the airdrop 🧡

I can't see my airdrop too ;) thx

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Of course! If you have any other issues just let us know in the discord :)

Greetings @ steem.lleo a few minutes ago I entered steempeak, I pressed to enable the Leo option and it sends me the following message "This community is not yet enabled!
"It is a private service and the owner of the token should contact the Steem-Engine team to enable it in SteemPeak."
You can guide me please.

Message them on their post, do you have staked PAL?
If so, they will take care of it I think. I didn't get mine and they fixed it.

You need to post first on steemleo (use the tag) and the tokens are there

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