The dollar is going to be worthless, and nothing else will matter when it is.

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if you are concerned about you and your family's welfare, you need to read and understand this - the comments section will help:

tl;dr - hyperinflation and poverty are coming to all western nations - not tomorrow, but some day soon, and for the rest of our lives.

this is not posted to create fear, but knowledge which should lead to being (slightly) better prepared.

with peace & love & faith.

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choice comment:

'It's gonna blow up.

Only a matter of when.

And when it does, it won't be because the Fed couldn't stop it.

It will be because the Fed won't even know until it happens. And neither will the banks. It will so utterly blind side them all, and there wont be any amount of 'reserves', or 'qe', or 'repos' that will be able to save any of these dumbfucks from the implosion. The system will just seize. Stop. Go kaput. And stocks will go no bid. You wont be able to sell ANY STOCK, or ANY ETF, or ANY BOND.

It'll be just go home folks. Have a nice day. Your so called wealth is just gone. You may have a paper record, but it will be meaningless and worthless. '

might not be tomorrow or this month so no one should panic liquidate as they can keep the deception going for some time as long as their propaganda machine is working fine, but you probably should be buying gold and supplies regularly and stocking up for WHEN it does happen.