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8 months ago
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So this is a new quick contest. 5 matches, predict the correct result with 1 or X or 2 that stands for 1 home wins, X tie, 2 away wins (example at the end of the contest)


⏱TIE BREAKER⏱ question: in case there is an equal result between 2 or more participants, predict the exact minute⏱ of the first gol of the highlited match.


πŸ₯‡ 400 SPORTS + 100% UPVOTE for the πŸ†WINNERπŸ† of the contest
πŸ₯ˆ200 SPORTS + 80% UPVOTE for the 2nd of the contest
πŸ₯‰100 SPORTS + 60% UPVOTE for the 3rd of the contest

Participants: 15% UPVOTE for joining the contest

I have 210,000 SPORTS in stake so my full upvote consists in 175 extra SPORTS,at the moment... but my plan is to reach 1M SPORTS very soon.


Upvote the contest, not need to full upvote but

with 80% UPVOTE, i will increase 50% the reward in SPORTS
with 100% UPVOTE i will increase 100% the reward in SPORTS

EXTRA Rewards: I will share 25% of the liquid earnings of this post with whom RESTEEM the post. Just comment with RESTEEMED.

Deadline: Saturday 25th 14.00 UTC TIME. Check the link


Example of how you can set a prediction from the last Serie A round:


So for the correct prediction this would have been the right comment:

2,2,X,1,2 - 4'

cause Torino scored the first gol on minute 4

Good luck and have fun!!

Here it is the mention for the ones who put a prediction in the last contest @hurricanesam, @acjopo.eth, @rabeel, @jadnven, @daniella619, @adeljose, @sacra97

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