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Making a living with cryptocurrency in Hungary from 2022?

I have good news for you, if you live in Hungary or if consider/thinking about coming to live in Hungary. I read in this article…

Good cards that are cheap right now in Splinterlands

There's been a lot of talk about the release of the new Chaos Legion edition of Splinterlands and how everyone is excited to get their…

Is Defi 2.0 a Ponzi?

I have to say I am a big fan of Defi protocols since it makes my dream of financial freedom one step closer every day. I believe there are…

Celebrating 25k SPS Staked | Looking back on first third of the airdrop

Today was the day: I passed the 25k Staked SPS Milestone! *I noticed that this happened around the time that a little over a third of…

This fall was not something of Cryptos but it was generalized in the markets - Esta caída no fue algo de Criptos sino que fue generalizado en los mercados

English A few days ago we had an interesting fall in cryptos that led several altcoins to fall more than 50%, so that today they still…

The secret to satisfaction and financial freedom/ Das Geheimnis für Zufriedenheit und finanzielle Freiheit

Deutsch/ English Mit der 70/10/10/10 Regel und dem Gesetz der Anziehung zur finanziellen Freiheit! Mein Filmtipp für dich!.. In…

Bro Newspaper | Issue 21

Bro Newspaper | Issue 21 Good Sunday afternoon everyone on the Hive Blockchain. The market has come down once again, and so has Hive…

Every way to make money in splinterlands (22)

Hello everyone, I know that many people made guides on every way to make money in splinterlands, but I could not find any detail of what…

Top-5 crypto security breaches & scams on the blockchain

One of the few real reasons that crypto seems so risky in the eyes of the main media and newcomers is that it is infested by security…


The 2022 world cup is almost upon us and of course the adrenaline that normally follows it would soon take over, the current holders…

Photochain Challenge: 95th Edition Start - 94th Edition's Winners

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Rising Stars #67 CARD GIVEAWAY

Start playing the Rising Star crypto idle game now! A few words Korean group Blackpink has really de

Yes that's true. While the current financial system is the major regul ...

Yes that's true. While the current financial system is the major regulator, #Bitcoin on the other hand is the great disruptor, in a good…

Life daily quest, 8 battle win streak and some smart plays!!

Playing smart is a huge part of the game, today most of my wins was "smart plays". I built a good winning streak using life deck for my…

My New Profile Picture :)

Hive Punk 2991, for my main account @dalz. The shorts are irreplaceable here. He is an Ape! With VR glasses and a Santa Hat. Perfect…

Daily Rewards Quest on Splinterlands 12-5-21

Hi All, today was a pretty smooth day when it comes to daily quests, I first received a life quest I refreshed it in hopes that


5 KEYS TO A GREAT SALE Part 1 Packaging/ branding: packaging goes beyond making a product look attractive or sophisticated. A good…

badge Hivebuzz

J'ai obtenue ce badge, qui es magnifique, Le badge Saint-Nicholas, peux être obtenue en participant au concours : Avant le…

Amazing Daily Reward/Increible Recompensa Diaria

welcome to my blog/welcome to my blog ***Hello friends of splinterlands, today the daily reward was made using fire splinter…

Is Tesla Ethical and socially responsible ? They need to change fast

Before Saying anything else, I'm a huge Fan of Tesla I already made few posts about this company so I w