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New To Investing? Make Sure You Have a System... and Follow It!

For many, the last month was their first major crypto market correction. Many things fe

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Laws being decided without our approval Gig style

The California State Legislature is considering new legislation that could negatively impact Gig Worker's ability to earn money on…

Happy Friday, Project Utopis looking fresh - Selling like hotcakes

Its been a wild couple months since I announced Utopis and opened the Market for the token.. its safe to say a handful of pe

A Post Worth Your Time

How much is your time worth? Wait, wait. The way you answer this is what matters, not the answer itself. Do you answer this from…

Hustle mode Saturday - Utopis Profits

What’s going on everybody chrono here on the blockchain it is a wonderful Saturday I want to give you an update on my Doo

Creating Money Out Of Thin Air Is Magical

The world does not understand how powerful this truly is. One of the reasons is we never saw this before. While many talk about the…

The last time BTC was $30k: Hive was ___ cents.

On January 27th 2021, Bitcoin bottomed at $30,444. Hive was worth... 13.3 cents Hm. So still x2.7 higher than 4 months ago.…

Everyone needs to know JavaScript

Automation is coming! Dey terk ur jerbs! All the jobs being created are unskilled labor jobs that pay near minimum wage. Fifty