LEO Tokenomics

Crypto VC Thoughts: Credit Oceans

Inflation is hot 🔥~ It burns everywhere. The decade cheap money policy has creat

(Un)Stable Coins - Under Pressure

The latest speculations are that the BTC reserves were not used by Terra to maintain the peg but were in fact sent to a cold wallet is the…

Hive Price is on Resistance - Needs to Break Up

Hive Price is on resistance as lots of crypto in market. As you can see RSI Indicator of Hive, There is great resistance touched 4 times…

Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D) Increases Almost 9% In 8 Days. Why Is It Increasing?

Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D) is increasing in May, when the crypto markets fell sharply, currently BTC.D is moving towards October 2021…

Crypto VC Thoughts: GameFi Dilemma

The current play-to-earn model will never work the way it pretends to be 🤫. Why bother to play a game to resemble a soul crashing job…

Hive Current Value And Downtrend

Hello to everyone. It's been 9 days since I created content about the situation in the Hive price. The downtrend seems to have stopped.…

LEO Price May Have Touched the Bottom?

LEO Price was in accumulation zone during 10 months! Because of Bitcoin price dropping during 8 weeks, LEO price broke down this…

SPS Is Trading Too Far From Its Real Price. Why Is It Falling and When Will It Recover?

After hitting $1 in October 2021, SPS entered a bearish trend and is stuck around $0.1 in 2022. And right now SPS Price is trading near…

BTC and Technical Analysis

I started using Elliot Wave Theory (EWT) after a year of suffering a 49% loss in my portfolio. That was 2015, the year I entered the…

After UST crashed - Should HBD Lower Rates Back To 12%?

With the recent crash of UST, stable coins have gotten a lot of bad press and the returns UST provided on Anchor were comparable with HBD.…

Crypto VC Thoughts: Digital Money Pushes Energy Companies to Innovate

In the past decades, people bought into the idea of Bitcoin 🟡. They think Bitcoin is the future of money simply to believe: 👉…

Falling Wedge Pattern in PolyCub Price Chart

PolyCub price was solid while Bitcoin falling down and Luna crash. Because It was oversold and no place to drop... There is a falling…

Welcome To The World of Cryptocurrency ...

The wave of fear and panic created by the UST in the cryptocurrency markets brought the collapse. Question marks began to form in

Sleep Like A Baby - Riding the Bear Market

Investing in crypto is VERY high risk. It is a new and not fully proven technology in many areas plus there are many scammers around every…

Crypto VC Thoughts: Physical Assets vs Digital Assets

I run my own crypto VC now. But I am failing in many ways. So I am writing my own thoughts and share with my failure experiences.

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger star in the world famous (Rich)

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger are world famous Moral (rich) big businessmen. They can collapse any big market at any moment if they…

After Last Season of Splinterlands - Back to Diamond I !

I completed this season at Diamond I League again. I tried to League up to Champion III but I couldnt.. I completed this season in 145th…

44 Countries Will Meet in El Salvador for Bitcoin. What's the purpose?

The interest in cryptocurrencies around the world is quite high and many countries want to adopt Bitcoin more. But many countries are…

Confessions of a Bitcoin Maxi

Bitcoin reached its all-time high 6 months ago on 10 November 2021 of $69,044.77. Since then it has lost over half its value with a loss…

Modern Economical Nonsense — The Treasury Problem

I commented on how UST was collapsed and quoted: UST is a so-called algorithmic stabl