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If Stablecoins Are Like Poker Chips in a Casino, Then What's The Dollar and The FED Like, Mr. Gensler?

The FUD currently in crypto is almost palpable. There's this Evergrande collapse that has basically nothing to do with crypto, but the…

Can the Government Shut Down Cryptocurrency?

I have read people stating that the government cannot shut down cryptocurrency because it is decentralized. That is partly true, but not…

Cuba goes Crypto Friendly

Source Cuba has recognized Cryptocurrencies and as I said before

Top 5 New Cryptocurrency for September'21

Crypto forms of money are moving worldwide and, another development in the crypto world is making the Cryptocurrency market cap increase…

Fake Crypto Messiahs and Irrational Skeptics

These days I get a lot of opinions and ideas on how the market will move, most people that predict the market and it eventually goes as…

Blockchain Advocates Prepare Legislator’s Toolkit for Massachusetts Lawmakers

**Blockchain advocates in Massachusetts have partnered with the Chamber of Digital Commerce to release a Massachusetts Edi

Bitcoin (BTC) Falls Below $43K in Wake of Evergrande Crisis

Bitcoin losses continue to mount as the world reacts to the Evergrande selloff. The price of Bitcoin has been steadily declining…

HIVE now has 1.9 Million user accounts!

The pace is slighly decreasing now, but still incredible high! 1600000 - 1700000 -> 11 days 1700000 - 1800000 -> 8 days…


Author: @madridbg, through Power Point 2010, using public domain images.

Top Formation Bitcoin and the 30K Zone 🧲

Today something for the eye🤓 How to recognize a formation in the charts In general, history repeats itself yes often times a

How Long Can Axie Infinity Nft Go Sideways Realistically? Nft Right On Track For Next Impulse 🥳

We wasn't over extended in terms of where we expected the price to go we look for the price to go up the axie but maybe around 56 dollar.…


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Regulation FUD -- Hey hey hey

New US Crypto Regulation Far More Invasive Than We Thought US Congress intends to regulate crypto on a level far deeper than currently…

Bitcoin Down 17% In The Last 3 Days, But A Lot Of Volume At Today's Low, What Does That Mean?

Earlier this morning Bitcoin reached a low of almost $40k and this is an area where we could bottom out but we have still not reached the…

Bitcoin Crypto Crash Over?

0:00 Today in Bitcoin 1:20 Bitcoin Analysis 10:16 Bitcoin News 11:57 SEC News 14:10 Big Macro News #bitcoin #btc #crypto…

VECHAIN Continues to Plunge, ZILIQA is Plummeting Further to $0.07925 (Signals for 9/21)

Yes, VET can be a profitable investment option. VeChain price equal to 0.095110 USD as of 2021-09-21. Vechain is on bearish trend right…

I prefer to follow my plan instead of buying in a hurry

Yeah, finally BTC dropped to 40k, as I planned in my post here [The crypto market is bleeding again](


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Bitcoin based security token

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