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Masala or class?

Yea, some do take spirit to feel the meditative stuff but in reality, true meditative state is above ordinary and if once felt, you will…

Sparring minds - Cast Away

Fighting for a piece of bread what is thrown grabbed by many hands trying to take the whole a few succeed in snatching it others look…

TFUEL up 12% as more people move to Theta.TV

It looks like Theta.TV has a good chance to replace YouTube now. Earn TFUEL watching and sharing Videos Theta.TV :…

Cable TV or Streaming Channel? Make Your Choice.

This publication was also written in SPANISH and PORTUGUESE . [Gadget Freeks](

CubDefi: It's Getting Serious....

Cub Staking Kingdom It's time to unveil the bread and butter of this Kingdoms migration. The CUB Staking Kingdom is now live! And…

Hollywood Joins NFT: Junkie XL - Composer Behind Justice League, BvS, Godzilla vs. Kong , Deadpool, Mad Max, 300: Rise of an Empire Made Official Announcement

Look, I'm a huge fan of Junkie XL. He's one of the greatest living composers we've got today. He's scored some of the most epic scored in…

CineTV Contest | Memories | Terminator 2: Judgement Day

About the Contest Here is a cool contest hosted by CineTV asking members to talk about their favorite movies. I mean, everybody watches…

TFUEL still rising ... up 12% today. Earn TFUEL watching movies on THETA.TV 🍿

I finally figured out how to earn TFUEL watching videos on Theta.TV At first I could not get it to work from my iPad and iPhone.... that…

CineTv Tournament results

The CineTv splinterlands tournament was a learning experience for me. For the first time, I came as third on the leaderboard. It was fun…

CineTv Splinterlands tournament

CineTv tournament hosted by CineTv token Film and TV tribe. News, reviews, basically come and post anything you want to do with your…

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) Might just be introducing Bitcoin

If you are fan of the popular video game Grand theft auto and you love crypto, your mind might just get blown by this information. There

What strategies should we use to attract users?

I was recently in a conversation with @ralexandria about the best approach to attracting new users. I think this debate has sur

STAR WARS - A Story About You and Me for the CineTV Contest: Memories

Hi! 🎥 This is the first time I'm joining a contest in Hive and the reason why I do it is that I really have great memories and a good…

The end of an era : World’s Rearest Rhino

Due to human’s activities on Rhinos 🦏, the northern white rhino is almost extinct as the last male rhino passed away. The white rhinos is t

Proof of Brain Power Goals and progress

I started hive last month but discovered proof of brain 2 weeks later. I was interested by the price and the name “proof of brain” because…

I learnt some things about sales and marketing from this movie “The Wolf of WallStreet”

I'll share a couple. Tap into the ravenousness of individuals. Individuals are continually hoping to get more cash-flow. In the event of…

Appreciation Post for A wonderful Community

Good day everyone, it’s a beautiful day where ever you are in this beautiful part of the world. I will like to appreciate you in the hi

Objectives and Goals - Hive, Leo, Pob and Cine | June 2021

On April 29 I posted about my May goals , let's see what I managed to achieve and what the g

Is Defi Safe? Why I'm in CubDefi.

Once again, I was posting a comment on @LeoMarketTalk and it turned into a novel so I decided that since I haven't had time to post for a wh

Why Cubfinance Is Totally Different From The Other Market What To Expect Now The Cubfinance 🙄

We were seeing a massive change occurring to the market in cubfinance. Where your ears your eyes have been a little bit focused on the…