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Top 5 Move-to-earn Apps on Google Playstore

Hello Android peeps! Here is the Top 5 #MoveToEarn Applications you can access from Google play: StepN SweatCoin Step App *…

Will Shiba inu moon soon

from Imgflip Meme Generator Shiba Inu has so much potential to grow the price has dropped along with the whole market

The Fear and Greed Index hits the lowest level since March 2020. What does it mean?

The Fear and Greed Index is one of the simplest yet most popular indicators of cryptocurrency market sentiment. Today, its value fell to 8…

dCity Digest May 23, 2022 - What's the dNews around #defifarming with SIM-backed NFTs

Welcome dCitizen to this edition of the dCity Digest dCity.io is a DeFi-Farming platform encompassing a game economy built with NFT…

Crypto Winter

Nobody likes to see numbers going down and worst of all when it is the entire market in such a shitty situation. Right now, we have…

Manual: How To Convert Hive into Food

Convert Hive into Food?! Ever since it was brought to my attention that we can spend Hive for real world things my life has changed…

Hivepower Delegated to leo.voter | Hivepower an leo.voter delegiert

[EN] Hi Guys, I read on that you get 16% APY for your #hivepower if you delegate it to @leo.voter. That's twice as much as I get…

AskLeo - What's The Best Thing About Hive?

About a week ago I installed the #movetoearn app, Stepn, on my phone, and I was really planning on using it every day. It is shilled by…

LunarCrush - Why It's Way Better Than You May Think!

A Recent Addition There are a number of sites and platforms that I visit on a daily basis. Recently, I made the decision to incorporate…

Head of BoE on Crypto, and how I see it

I just read an article on The Guardian, it is also on most other British daily newspapers about Andrew Bailey's, head of the Bank of…

Could Bears Be Tired?

Crypto market lost about 40% compared to last month, and about 55% in approximately 6 and a half months. The bears' pressure has caused…

Just bought a $25 lottery ticket :)

This whole Luna/UST fiasco has been interesting and kinda fun to follow. I had Luna last year for like a month on Harmony chain, which is…

Court Documents Reveal Do Kwon Disbanded Terraform Labs Korea Days Before LUNA Crash

An eye-opening discovery could provide further context to the catalyst for the infamous LUNA and UST price crash.🙁 [

Terra Luna UST Crash was Scary as Hell

Hi everyone, hopefully you are fine and having fun with your family and friends. Last two weeks were scary as hell due to the Luna crash…

wow is this really happening 😀🤟🚀

Namaskar / Hello to all hive users, who will reach this post. I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with…

Hive Financial Goals - Week 3: It's Been a Good Week Again! + @dlux.io Anyone?

source Another week of sneaking over the line thanks to some judicious scraping together of some of the more dubious

The NFT madness has collapsed, it was inevitable!

Bought for 2.9 million dollars, an offer for 14000 USD... Sina Estavi, CEO of Blockchain company Bridge Oracle, bought the first ever…

Great News!!! Finally Bitcoin (BTC) Breaks Out The Triangle

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Hi friends hope you are well, and welcome to the new update

BigPay Malaysia starting to take interest in Crypto ??

Received this message today from. BigPay. If you don’t already know … BigPay is a eWallet in Malaysia which is owned by Tiny Fernandez the…

Do you think government's this plan would be successful?

Do you think government's this plan would be successful? Greetings friends! Indian government is trying to regulate cryptos as much…