LEO Tokenomics

How to calculate liquidity pool token

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I such a centralized world, crypto is the key.

Hello everyone... Governments are currently going through a deep crisis process, the aftermath of the pandemic has made them resort to…

20 Hours To Actifit Airdrop Snapshot! Setup Your Wallets Today!

As announced last week, on October 26th we will be giving away an airdrop to our committed actifitters and hiveans! Deadline to setup…

Taking a dip into Thor pools

I've been hearing quite a bit about the cross-chain DEX of Thorchain (RUNE) for a little bit no

Investors Report October 24th, 2021

Investors Report October 24th, 2021 All investors are on track to have > 100% ROI:return on investment for one year or 52 weeks.…

What is the difference between Nutbox Peanut and Nutbox Walnut? Walnut和Peanut有什么区别? Apakah perbezaan antara Nutbox Peanut dan Nutbox Walnut?

What is the difference between Nutbox Peanut and Nutbox Walnut? Nutbox Peanut is a cross-chain asset staking platform based on Tron and…

No Loss Lottery Winners Week 23 ! Prizes total 152 Leo!

Winners Announcement: Week Twenty-Three of the No Loss Lottery 152 Leo in Prizes This weeks total prizes are 152 Leo ! 😀

Protocol Revenue and What it Tells Us

Token Terminal is the best website to use when monitoring protocol revenues. However, projects

How to capitalize the interest generated in the DeFi RobiniaSwap Pools.

Written by:Diomer Antonio Galán Rincón. Bachelor's Degree.Public Accounting / MSc.Science of Higher Education.

[삼국지] TTK 추가 장수들 전부 1성이라니

최소 3명 전투 가능이라고 해서 두팀 생각하고 5명 고용했는데 전부 1성이 나왔네요 ㅠㅠ 11월에 게임오픈 과연 어떤 게임을 보여줄지 궁금하면서 기대되는 삼국지입니다. 예전에 하던 삼국지 시리즈를 생각하면 그래픽 크게 욕심부리지…

Appreciate the HIVE Wisdom, an Inji.com

I stumbled over this article today and it caught my curiosity. "The Amazon of Smart Contracts" Transie

LeoAlpha: RUNE Up 60% From Our Last LeoAlpha Buy Signal

5 Days Ago (October 19th), I published my latest LeoAlpha post titled ["Trading RUNE Around the #REDEMPTIONOFRUNE Event"](

Oportunidad de inversion, Joya Defi $ Play 2 Earn.

Hola amigos! este es un post cortito para que aprovechen la oportunidad de conseguir unos cuantos $COW de cashcow, un proyecto DeFi que…

Beam Updates And The DeFi Ecosystem

So far, in this year 2021, Beam has been remarkable. Being the best-in-class privacy blockchain, Beam has been right in our faces with the…

My Experience with RobiniaSwap

I have been in the Defi space for about 6 months or so and I am always on the lookout for new Defi Platforms that can make me some extra…

Algorand in focus, the best PoS chain to take down Ethereum?

The biggest problem that has been plaguing the older, much larger crypto coins is the fact that there is a need for a large network of…

ONEUP Liquidity Pools are the sweetest on TribalDex

1UP community makes the right moves at the right time and while this tribe is fresh like the hot breath they moved quite fast and…

100% Exchange Fee Reimbursement On Binance Smart Chain

I am quite certain that many of us who are users of Binance Smart Chain have been using Pancakeswap to exchange many different BEP-20

DeFi.Jetzt-Meme-Umfrage 2

DeFi.Jetzt-Memes-Umfrage 2 Geld von gestern oder von morgen? In dieser Woche hatten wir bereits eine Umfrage diesbezüglich gemacht.

What Ethereum 2.0 Will Mean For Scaling Solutions?

(Source) Evening Ever since its inception Ethereum network