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Wanna Mint Free NFTs(ERC-271)??? Here is How...

(Source) Evening Amazing news for NFT lovers, as


I have seen it happen over and over again, like a scene from a movie that keeps replaying over and over. First market is in the red, then…

Mega news of last week - Polkadot Blockchain is ready for the parachain auctions phase

Image Source Finally Polkadot is ready for the important parachain auctions phase I was amazed last week

The End of the Beginning ... and the beginning of the end for Facebook & Google

Finally, 14 months after filing the Crypto Class Action against Facebook & Google, the first interlocutory hearing to establish prima…

Things to Remember Before Crypto Goes Parabolic

There is a lot of excitement in the cryptocurrency market right now. Both bitcoin and ethereum are approaching your previous all-time…

My top projects for this bullrun

Hello dear readers, as I mentioned in my post yesterday, here I am going to briefly discuss which projects can be worthwhile investments…

#Bitcoin pushes $63k - Altcoins continue pumping! #eth #sol #matic #Cardano #hive #dot

I see too many people doing #technical #analysis on #altcoin graphs this month, saying "this is why xx coin has gone up". Everything in…

Again leo Is Finding A Hard Time To Break Above28 Cents😎

What they're expecting the market to do in leo. you how active market is over the last some days leo has seen climactic volume as price…

Indexed Finance Suffers $16 Million Exploit

(Source) Evening Two days ago, decentralized finance (DeFi) project Indexed Finance got hacked for $16 milli

If Raoul Pal Is Right, Get Ready For Life Changing Money

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Raoul Pal put out some price predictions for both Bitcoin and Ethereum which are

SHIBA explained

I am fomoing over SHIBA but I wanted to share this video I am watching. I still don't have any SHIBA, I don't have any ETH to swap…

Financial Freedom Investment🤔

Recently! I have seen the trend and potential of cryptocurencies like #Hive and #Ethereum matching and eventually outmatching Bitcoin in…


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Modular Blockchains, can they can solve all of Ethereum’s problems?

In order to understand how Modular Blockchains work and solve problems, you must review the problems. Ethereum, is a blockchain, the…

Avalanche Holders Be Ready For Huge Gain 😊 Bull 🐂 Run Is Not Over

We expecting the avalanche price to go up or we going to continue to expect the price to go stable in this market. we in an uptrend i'm…

Raoul Pal: Price Targets

There are a lot of price targets out there so it is fun at times to dream and let ourselves go. With that, there was an interview with…

Layer 2 Solution, StarkNet Alpha Coming to Ethereum Mainnet

(Source) Evening So as the competition for Ethereum Layer Scaling Solutions heats up, StarkNet A

[ESP - ENG] Metamask: the orange fox wallet - Tutorial install in browsers

Hay un zorro que te observa donde vayas, que te sigue con la mirada allá donde dirijas tu mano. A veces parece invasivo, otras veces es…

Ethereum Has Potential

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#Bitcoin breaks $60k pushes $62k per BTC. #leofinance #Techanalysis

A quick update for those of you not checking your phones continuously! I will not be analysing the Graph until Monday, but I stand by my an