LEO Tokenomics

The Aim To Attain Maximum Profit & The Loss Mentality In Crypto

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The "maximum" is a position most crypto owners, *HODle

Hit You With the 'PIMP Status'😎 (Original Cut)

I'm still getting asked about how PIMP work

【Splinterlands】Daily Stats 每日统计 (Day 106 - 20220521)- DEC/SPS/Chests/Assets

A daily record of my overall stats in Splinterland at the end of the day to keep track of my progress 日常記錄我在 Splinterland…

Hive Value of Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Today / En Popüler 10 Kripto Paranın Bugünkü Hive Değeri

Hello there. I calculated the value in hive of the top 10 coins on the Coinmarketcap.com site. That's what the content is about.…

My recovery plan...

Hello everyone... There is a popular saying: "He who does not risk, does not win" . and although it sounds very common to hear it…

Ask Leo: Do we have to pass through tough times to be successful

Source Everytime I ask myself that how long will it required for one to reach his goal and attain success. I believe that success is…


Hellow hive hustlers!! It's a great and beautiful day ,it's also a day to talk about business and marketing ideas and tips to achieve…


So much has been going through my mind based on the nature of Bitcoin and other cryptos,what happened to terra Luna during the crypto dip…

Easy Crypto trading apps for new lions in the leoverse., Reading the pump and dump candles

Hello Hive. Everyone wants to keep abreast of information about crypto, and aside these informations we also need to keep track of when…

Euro and dollar with no escape from the inflation disaster and the war in Ukraine.

Dreamstime Well, I insist I don't like wars, the suffering and pain they genera

Designing LeoMobile's App Store Layout

Hello Lions, do you know that LeoMobile is about to be released to the full app stores? And for that, the team do need to have a good…

PodPing: Decentralized CrossApp Notifications - Community Token Talk

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Would you like an option where you could not

What is the pizza day? [Esp/Eng]

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ¿Qué es el pizza day? ¿Qué tiene que ver con Bitcoin?

## Luna Classic vs UST revival? The head off Terra Labs and the commun ...

Luna Classic vs UST revival? The head off Terra Labs and the community of #Terra blockchain and the #luna and #UST "stable" coin are…

Analysis Of LeoFinace and Solana Token

I have been releasing subsequent analysis between Leo token and other tokens and alt coins such as bitcoin, ethereum and even binance.…


今天读到@susanli3769认领空投的文章,顺着她分享的链接又点开了刘美女@deanliu的分享文,才知道这段时间在Hive上,有两个社区SPK Network和Ragnarok正在空投。 ![851BAD85-86F0-4C6B-A6F1-0FE797A810FE.pn

Is Low-Tech DeFi Possible?

Is low-tech DeFi possible? Yes. How difficult is it for low-tech DeFi to work? It's easier than we think. Then why wait? B

Compartiendo en el Bitcoin Pizza Day 😀 |ESP | ENG

Hola amigos feliz inicio de semana, como todos saben ayer se celebró el Bitcoin Pizza Day, en muchos lagares hicieron cosa

Crypto VC Thoughts: New Type of Stablecoin

Due to the recent crash of Luna, people wonder what we can do to make a better stablecoin? How about finding something that is very…

Adapting To The Antics Of Modern Day Economies

source The time of working at one company your whole life, building up a stable pension plan and retiring with adequate inco