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How to buy Chaos Legion Packs without voucher

Expecting to buy a handful of Chaos Legion Pack during the opening of the presale, I got disappointed to learn that you need a voucher to…

How to get chaos legion cards much cheaper

I had recently a very interesting discussion over a chat regarding Splinterlands. Somebody told me that he felt it was not fair that new…

[EN/PT] Splinterlands - The new Lord of Darkness

Hello Spli

How To Maximize Your SPS Airdrops Daily Using A SECRET Whale Strategy

Every morning the Splintershards airdrop takes a snapshot of the players balances and in-game assets for the airdrop points at precisely…

Chaos Legion Vouchers: To Sell Or Not To Sell? | Splinterlands #128

The splinterlands team has been on a roll the past week in building up FOMO and hype for the release of Chaos Legion editions. Over the…

Buy The Dip, it happens everyday after Airdrop distribution of SPS Tokens at noon Eastern Standard Time.

Interested in buying some SPS Tokens? Wait until noon EST or maybe 15 minutes after that. The Airdrops from the splinterlands happens at…

Delegating 100k SPT token to @monster-curator


[EN / PT] Splinterlands - Epic Battle Lv.1 VS lv.4

Hello @Splinterlands community. How is it going? Guys, I'm here to make a post about a battle I found interesting, which took place…


Ahora es momento de adentrarnos en conocer lo que son las cartas y cada una de las características que ellas poseen, después de todo ellas…

Splinterlands: Introducing the Savior! Bronze League!

Disclaimer: The targeted audience of this blog are bronze players working hard to reach at least silver 3 and g

⚖️ Daily Pack Opening & Giveaway, Ep. 36 ⚖️ Opening a DICE Pack! ⚖️ Giving away 100 SPS ⚖️


Speculating on Splinterlands - Bought My First Pack of Chaos-Legion

Today I got my first pack of Chaos Legion cards! And I did it in the most classical, straight forward way: by waiting for the…

Splinterlands - Daily Rewards Results (10.18.21)

I think I caught a break today as my daily quest is water splinter. My favorite splinter besides dragon and likely a strong collection of…

My splinterlands challenge from $ 0 to $ 100,000 in 365 days. Day 27

Day 27 of the Splinterlands challenge from $ 0 to $ 100,000 in 365. Yesterday was a busy day in my life that left me very little time…

My Plan for the Chaos Legion Pre-Sale Event

The Chaos Legion Vouchers have finally dropped! It's currently day 2 and we are starting to see a decrease in value of the vou

Binance Completes 17th Quarterly BNB Burn

Fellow Binancians, We have completed our 17th quarterly BNB token burn of 1,335,888 BNB (roughly $639,462,868 equivalent).


My first entry for this weekly share your battle challenge. For this challenge I choose the dragon, the splinter is DARIA DRAGONSCALE.…

500 DEC Challenge (Day 3 Update)

ECR is now at 100%, time to farm those DEC. Rentals My rental strategy today is to build teams with the highest bonus DEC a

Enraged MAGNOR | Splinterlands

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Am quite pleased to have made the move on buying this monster after seeing it whipe out oppos

Win a delegation of Venari Wavesmith till the end of the season

I want to share my luck with the community, and as I have a Venari Wavesmith lying around in my collection I decided to delegate this card…