LEO Tokenomics

Is it difficult for a new project to deploy a stable token?

I have been asking myself this question for a very long time because I see so many people crying every day by investing in projects with…

Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities 2008 is repeating

Do you know what 2008 happens? A lot of people buy houses that they can never afford. They take loans for it and the banks give the…

Everything Is Bigger In Texas

▶️ Watch on 3Speak The "Texas" approach can lead to big wins but also big losses. Not financial advic

Kazakhstan is becoming a good destination for Chinese miners

After the ban of cryptomining in China, Chinese miners have been looking for alternatives and they must have found a favorable country cal

100+ Hive bought on a "set it and forget it" buy order

I've just checked my Binance account and found an unexpected 111 Hive sat there, that I've now transferred-in ready to power up

The bloody tuesday and the greenish hope of the wednesday.

Like most people yesterday was a sight that was both familiar and horrible to watch. With the decline of the markets i did a few bad…

Ships that never come in...

This isn't going to be a very informational post. It is more of a way to open some discussion and perhaps enlighten me and other readers…

Ethereum (and ETH) in perspective

Now that the heated market has cooled somewhat, perhaps it is a good time for me to have a little heart-to-heart with the Ethereum crowd.…

AskLeo - Will We Have An Over $100k Bitcoin This Year?

Bears have turned into bulls over night and Bitcoin is over 4% higher in price in the past 24 hours. The whole market is in green and to…

The objectives of Marketing - The competition [ESP] Los objetivos del Marketing - La competencia

LINK In the situation analysis we have a section that is "The competition" and it is very important, the id

DeFi money LEGOs - ETH, stETH, CRV and LDO

I did a DeFi thing the other day - I added liquidity to the ETH-stETH pool and staked on Curve . Curve Image source This was…

China and the death cross - China y el cruce de la muerte

Fuente The perfect storm

비트코인이 삼각수렴을 하고 있네요. 곧 변화가 올까요?

어느 쪽으로 변화할지는 알 수가 없어요. 일단은 지켜볼까 합니다. 비트코인은 하락했다가 원상회복하고 있는데.. 다시 상승할 가능성이 높다고 봅니다. 하지만, 위에 있는 벽에 부딪쳐 떨어질 수도 있기도 합니다. ![image.png](

Process + Result = Kaif (pleasure)

Hi friends. How do you like yesterday's correction? I think this is not the end. Although, in some ways and here I definitely want to be…

DOGE Dips After NASCAR Crash, But There Is Hope for Bitmain Mining Machines to Save the Dog

NASCAR’s Dogecoin sponsored car crashed on lap 70, finishing last in the Nashville race. **The price of Dogecoin dipped over the…

SPinvest runs a hive-engine node and would love your support

Hello SPIers, do you know that SPinvest has a witness account, @spinvest-witness. Yep, that's right and to most of you this will be news…

How to Maintain your Cryptocurrency

After you have made that decision to buy cryptocurrency and you buy it, what next? Well you have to ask yourself, do you want to be a one

Crypto Contest June 23: Zild Finance

Zild Finance (Uniswap: ZILDWETH) has broken out of the triangle pattern in the daily chart. (Chart courtesy of Tradingview.com (log…

NANO - The Future of Crypto!

The basics of Nano Nano is a digital payment protocol designed to be accessible and lightweight, with a focus on removing inefficiencies…

Lesson’s I have learnt in this Current Price Crash.

I have always been a strong advocate of diamond hands, but am having a little regrets. I know quite well that the price of crypto can not