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If Stablecoins Are Like Poker Chips in a Casino, Then What's The Dollar and The FED Like, Mr. Gensler?

The FUD currently in crypto is almost palpable. There's this Evergrande collapse that has basically nothing to do with crypto, but the…

Avoiding the Nigerian Naira at all costs

At the time of writing this, the US Dollar to Nigerian Naira is currently valued at N575 or in other words, N1 is about $0.0017. This, as…

El Salvador government buys 150 BTC during recent dip

El Salvador made history by making BTC as a legal tender in country. It is the only country on planet who adopted BTC as a national…

Changes are good until there are many in a short time / Los cambios son buenos hasta que hay muchos en poco tiempo

English Adapting to new times is a good thing, as it says that we can survive the changes that we will always be suffering for some…

Will DEFI Outlive Hacks?

The DeFi industry has suffered a great deal when it comes to its vulnerability to attacks, this has however been major striking points for…

Do You lack the Education You Need to Become Rich?

Naturally, ‘wealth’ can mean a lot of different things to different people. In addition to referring to one’s financial situation, some…

Leofinance- A Community of Trust

As we continue to make progress in the world of financial technology, we have the imminent need to build a community of trust within our

Just sold a Crypto Raiders NFT Claim for $400

Crypto Raiders is hotting up nicely.... Raider Stakers (of which I am one) recently got their MOB NFT claims which will allow us to…

Why I like to use Crypto.com and why I can recommend it to you.

I'm using cryptocurrencies for a couple of years but why do you need cryptocurrencies in your wallets if you can't spend them, right…

Can the Government Shut Down Cryptocurrency?

I have read people stating that the government cannot shut down cryptocurrency because it is decentralized. That is partly true, but not…


source While the market is flipping my thoughts I was browsing to see what are the top decentralized social media out there. Maybe I am…

The state of DeFi

The state of DeFi In todays blog I'm going to cover a topic we've covered before but now I'm covering on it's state and how it's doing…

Mein Senf hat NFT-Briefmarken bestellt

Hallo liebe Community, Ich habe es geschafft 2 Briefmarken bei der Österreichischen Post zu bestellen. Diesmal gab es ein Rhino und…

ЕС намерен инвестировать 177 миллиардов долларов в блокчейн и другие новые технологии

Официальные лица ЕС нацелены на значительное прямое финансирование новых технологий, включая блокчейн. Сообщается, что Европейский…

Xcad! - A potential project?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this video I shared my opinion on xcad project! **Note that I'm not a financial advisor,

They Are Still Way Behind (Crypto and Governments)

They Are Still Way Behind (Crypto and Governments) When it com

Sparing No Expense

source A second satellite will be launched next year to monitor the entire Northern Sea Route plus providing a communication upgrade…

Bitcoin & Ethereum Valuation and Opinion 09-21-21

Market Data Highlights Bitcoins opens at $43K. It hits lowest at $40K and highest at $44K and stable around $41K ~ $42K. The average…

PSA for @risingstargame Players: You Can Front Run My NFT Purchase

After having some conversations with @stickupboys I finally decided on making an NFT purchase on HIVE blockchain. This is more of a…

ANNOUNCEMENT: #HiveChat 062, September 21th, 2021 at 19.00 GMT!!!

Hi Hive, I Am HiveChat, a weekly Tweetchat that highlights #Hive on Twitter through different questions by different weekly Hosts. In…