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Kojiri's Week Giveaway - Special card Every Sunday #190

Every week a pool of cards will be given away to some lucky players. And every Sunday a special card will be rewarded. Week 28 This…

Crypto Markets.... More Pain to Come...?

The phrase 'bear market' has cropped up a lot in my comments over the last week and that is certainly the sentiment in various Discords I…

#magicjohnson #nft #nba #covid19 #meme #alive #archon #someeofficial # ...

#bitcoin #magicjohnson #nft #nba #covid19 #meme #alive #archon #someeofficial #oneup #waiv #cent #vyb #hivelist #hivepizza #neoxian #leo…

Market is being down at morning.

Hello crypto lovers. Here is another market update and this morning i have found it a little bit low and decreasing in price, i hope…

Stepn App GST price prediction...!

So hello everyone how are you all hope so everyone is well and good so friends today i will be discussing about the price prediction about…

Rising Star Giveaway - Win 2000 STARBITS + 1 LEO And My Stats in the Game & Opening NFT Pack (Ends 26 May UTC)

I'm currently level 86 in the game, but I'm very close to reaching level 87. After completing a few missions, I will have reached level…

2021 Belle Delphine “Kitten” 5 CCC Graded 10 OnlyFans Collectible Trading Card


Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Daily Quest

Hi everyone, the new reward system is coming but in the meantime we do the daily quest to get our last rewards in this system I still have…

🎁 N 26° Rising Star Giveaway 500 - 500 STARBITS DAILY [ESP/ENG]~[Ends 05/25]

Español🎉 English 🎉 Bienvenidxs a mi sorteo de rising star by-ydaiznfts🌷 **Welcome to my rising star giveaway by-ydaiznft

Selling Is A Social Game. How's Your Game?

Click to Subscribe to TL2ICM Being a Shy Person… You would never think that a shy person can

Purchasing New NFT Pack and Sell Listing Fans More Cards

Good morning 😊 Have a nice day all RisingStar Lovers🎶 My Game Level is 60 and completed Missions are 969 in RisingStar. Then, I…


▶️ Watch on 3Speak con esta herramienta es mucho mas facil y sencillo calcula

I Got 24 Student ( debt ) card in 48 hr

Q: Are you all right? Building a city is not easy. It is more difficult for people like us who have weaknesses and needs. These days…


EVIDENCE OF GENOCIDE BASED ON INJECTABLE ANALYSIS #laquinta #vaccine #genocide #sideeffects #covid19 #meme #alive #archon…

Splinterlands - 어제 일일 퀘스트 완료를 앞두고 10연패라니!

어제 일일 퀘스트를 했을 때였다. 완료에 1승을 남겨두고 10연패를 하고 말았다! 운도 지지리 없지. 10연패가 뭐냐고. 10연패가! 이번 퀘스트를 하면서 정면 돌파가 참으로 쉽지 않음을 배웠다. 다들 Sneak, Opportunity 능력을 많이…

Crypto VC Thoughts: New Type of Stablecoin

Due to the recent crash of Luna, people wonder what we can do to make a better stablecoin? How about finding something that is very…

Vitalik Buterin Is No Longer A Billionaire

During the bear market, many investors lost a huge amount of money in fact, I can say all investors lost a certain amount of money as long…

My Daily Rising Star Report #48

Hello again, Rockstars! I just unlocked my first Band Member! 🥳 ![image.png](

Opening New CardPack and Up-to-date Mission Achievements

Hello friends. Have a nice day! I have reached Level 89 in Rising Star Game. Today's morning, I bought a new CardPack again with…

Crypto Hacker Ecency Edition 1

What is Ecency? Ecency.com is the front end web site to access Hive and there is also a mobile app that can be downloaded from Google…