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Observers must also trigger

Hello friends I hope you are doing well. Today I would like to share with you a bit of my opinion about what has been happening in recent…

Locked and loaded for the next phase of Splinterlands- Chaos Legion

I think I’m the worst trader there is. A lot of the time I speculate and it goes right is highly based on luck, other times when I’m als

Buy Cold Pizza Slice Again (Day 23: I'm playing the Rising Star game)

Hello everyone Today

Statistiques Hive – 2021.12.06

Bienvenue dans le rapport d'analyse journalier de la blockchain Hive. Toutes les informations présentées dans ce rapport sont basées sur…

How to double Hive's market cap from today's 600 million?

The market cap of Hive stands at $665 over million currently, at the unit price of $1.80 per Hive. What does it take to double Hive's m

My Adventures in Chia - Mein Chia Abenteuer (Englisch/Deutsch)

German version below Hi all, not that long ago, well to be honest a few months feel like an eternity in crypto s

Estadisticas Hive – 2021.12.06

Bienvenido al informe analítico diario sobre la Hive blockchain. Toda la información presentada en este informe se basa en los datos…

Hive-Statistik – 2021.12.06

Willkommen zum täglichen Analysebericht der Hive-Blockchain. Alle in diesem Bericht enthaltenen Informationen basieren auf den Daten…

Hive Statistics – 2021.12.06

Welcome to the daily analytical report about the Hive blockchain. All the information presented in this report is based on the data…

Little Advice For All Crypto Traders

I see so many people go astray and out of their way because of someone else decision which at the end of the day results in a wreck in…


**Welcome to another giveaway friends, hope you're all doing well! Thank you as always for joining in on these giveaways, it helps our…


16 Aralık Dolar 13,70 bu hafta biraz yükselebilir 16 Aralık Merkez Bankası faiz toplantısında 100 ila 200 baz puan indirim bekliyorum…

Splinterlands daily quest 2021-12-07

I’m a newbie in Splinterlands, I’m trying to complete daily quest and increase my rank without renting any card!!! Today is day 24 I…

Community Service Reminder – Chaos Legion

Hi everyone! The Chaos Legion hype is real! And there is less than 24 hours left to go. I am super pumped even though I won’t have any…

I almost got arrested for introducing someone to Hive

My worst decision this year can not be easily erased from my memory because where I come from crypto is illegal and anyone involve in it…

Daily POB Staking Details, Yesterday, December 06, 2021 (UTC Date)

"There is no substitute for staking to make the community extremely strong." Staking POB is good and important for the token and the…

📈📊 'The City of Neoxian' Weekly ( Nov 20, 2021 to Nov 26, 2021 ) stat report 📊📈

Hello Guys Here is the weekly update of The City of Neoxian (hive-177682) stats 📊📈 report. These stats are generated from posts…


source If you are familiar with FIFA football manager, fantasy fo

The Weekly LBI Contest

Authored by: @hetty-rowan Impatience leads to CHAOS Are you also impatient? It's almost time, Chaos Legion almost arrives in…

🎥 Cryptocurrency Market Overview | 07.12.2021

Hello, dear Blockchain people! In this video, I analyzed the price chart of Ethereum (ETH/USD) in detail, by using Technical and…