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Mark Cuban Impacted By Defi Iron Finance Bank Run To Call For Stablecoin Regulations

Thumbnail Source: Popular American billionaire investor and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban reveals to have personally become impacted by…

💹 Market overview June 18, 2021

Have a nice and productive day for everyone, and for some of them, more recently, fruitful work on the "farm"! As always, I offer you a…

Follow Hive on Instagram if you haven't already 🐝 (First Hive Insta Promo)

Folgt Hive auf insta, tw, yt, fb, ... falls ihr das noch nicht getan habt, um Hive zu unterstützen und euch mit anderen Hivern zu…

Be careful - you might get a FREE FAKE hardware wallet

Fraudsters get Bitcoin with fake hardware wallets Hey Hive Family be careful with some free gifts As I just read about…

Know These Countries That Say YES or NO to Bitcoin

When Bitcoin emerged as a peer-to-peer digital currency that debuted in 2009, it brought in the new age of cryptocurrency. Still, up to…

Iron Finance and Binance Smart Chain Illusion!🤔😱

source Binance-based DeFi players may have also used Iron Finance. In particular, American investor Mark Cuban was famous for the…

Congress Continues to Discuss Wild West Evil Voodoo Magic (What We Others Cryptocurrency)

Disclaimer: It is always hard to attack a specific politician without it coming off as a political statement or that some bias is involved…

If something is good, you have to go for it / Si algo es bueno, hay que ir por ello

English There is a saying that says that opportunities happen only once in a lifetime, and this is true for some, but false for others…

Good news ✅ Digital currencies are the future![]( #ctp #proofofbrain ...

Good news ✅ Digital currencies are the future #leo #ctp #proofofbrain #ElSalvador #news #hivelist #pizza Posted via D.Buzz

Watch out for crypto whales!

Most cryptocurrency blockchains are publicly viewable. This means that anyone can see most cryptocurrency transactions happening in real…


Hello everyone welcome again to another blog, in this way that we possess a huge proportion of significant updates to

CubDefi : I got big Problem

Source Seeing @leofinance announcement about the kingdom made some users feel Cubdefi.com was joking. The main screen

Tokenomics: What's The Worst That Could Happen?

What is the worst that could happen? How about your coin going from 65 dollars to zero in one day? Ok, maybe not quite zero, just…

Bitcoin videos today June 17 2021

Here is a selection of videos I have been watching this morning. Drop more Bitcoin, money and market videos in the comments! Kitco talks…

A thought about bribes / Una reflexión sobre los sobornos

English Today I had to do something I had not done before, which is to pay an official to help me with a service, and this is certainly…

Cristiano Ronaldo weights in on #crypto now! 😎![]( #hivelist #sport # ...

Cristiano Ronaldo weights in on #crypto now! 😎 #leo #hivelist #sport #ctp #proofofbrain #news Posted via D.Buzz

Fox Entertainment Set To Spend $100 Million For NFT Project With First Blockchain Animated Series

Rick and Morty PNG icon source: The popular entertainment company Fox Entertainment has revealed earlier this week that it will be…

Study: Half of the Europeans would replace politicians with AI 😂 Guess what, Bitcoin is the first step 😄

Laut einer aktuellen Studie der IE University, die 2700 Menschen aus 11 Ländern weltweit befragt hat, würden circa die Hälfte der Europäer…

Wednesday Markets, Trends & Headlines: June 16 2021

Trading and Business [Biden Administration Reverses Trump-Era Policies Narrowing Asylum Terms](

What Do the Media Financial Gurus Say About Crypto?

This post is more just for fun, no groundbreaking or hard hitting commentary here. I used be in my car for work a lot, and I would…