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Avalanche Based Defi Platform, Vee Finance Gets Hacked for $35M

(Source) Evening So after yesterday's exploit of pNetwork, we got another

Crash, Evergrande, FED, $SLP... - 53rd 🐯 curation digest

@HODLCommunity presents to you the 53rd LeoFinance Curation Post We feel very excited as we think we will address one of the most im

News crypto Binance coin CTXC/USDT +39.57🚀🤑

this coin just went up. $0.2910

Crypto stamp 3.1: You can now pre-order two new crypto stamps – Cat and Rhino 😸 🦏

Ab heute können zwei neue Crypto Stamps online bei der Österreichischen Post vorbestellt werden. Eine Katze und ein Rhino (Nashorn) 😸…

Bitcoin based security token

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The Global Financial Crisis of Hengda and Its Impact on The Market

The financial disaster disaster of the Hengda (恒大, Evergrande) Group, a big developer in China, has hit the worldwide economic marketplace…

Evergrande: Embattled China property giant sparks economy fears

Global stock markets have been on high alert as crisis-hit Chinese giant Evergrande faces a key test this week. The world's most…

Can Bitcoin sustain Global Financial Crisis? 🤔🙄

Bitcoin vs. gold (precious metal) in 2020. Source: TradingView It is a big issue of Banking , a China's second real estate developer…

Assumption kills, it affect all areas of life

Welcome to this new week, a piece of advice for us "let's learn how to set our priorities right to achieve whatever we have planned" I…

Why Did Crypto Markets Crash Today? Is the Crash Just Due to Global Market Fear?

Today, the decline in stocks in the global market and the perception that the Chinese real estate giant Evergrande, which ranks 122nd…

News and its influence on the Blockchain/ Las noticias y su influencia en la Blockchain [Eng/Esp]

Hello everyone Proof of Brain friends today I want to talk to you about the influence that news has on the cryptocurrency market and you…

pNetwork Gets Hacked for $12 Million in Wrapped BTC

(Source) Evening pNetwork , a cross chain defi bridg

$4.5 Billion Released For Hedera Hashgraph Ecosystem Expansion And Development

The Hedera Governing Council releases 10.7 billion HBAR, Hedera Hashgraph’s native token to help develop and expand their ecosystem. This…

Latest update About Bitcoin (BTC) the king of crypto

Hello guys hope you all are fine here i am here with the latest update of #BTC and crypto market about weekly chart and next planning. So…

Crypto market to kill stock market in future? Crypto vs Stock!

Hello everyone! In this blog, let me discuss on one of the most discussed topic - Crypto vs stocks . There have been various debates…

Viva "El Dictator"

Bitcoin is having its best bear market ever, "according to analysts", but there's no bear market for Nayib Bukele, the president of El…

First-ever Satoshi Nakamoto statue revealed in Budapest, Hungary 🤩

In Budapest ist die weltweit erste Satoshi Nakamoto-Statue enthüllt worden, die dem Erfinder von Bitcoin gewidmet ist. Die Büste befindet…

Despite U.S SEC Lawsuit Against Ripple, It Continues Growing Outside US

Fox Business’s Charles Gasparino released information on Twitter regarding Ripple Labs’ top executives, stating that ripple has grown…

HI Coin - earnings update

Hi folks, Following up from my last article about HI Coin I've some very nice updates that i would like to share and want to encourage…

AAVN Air Drop and presales - also get 100 AAVN FREE for just joining

Hi folks, I have come across a presales of AAVN network where they also give you 100 AAVN FREE for just signing up with them. You will…