LEO Tokenomics

LeoFinance Witness Summer Campaign To Consensus Witness

A couple of month ago I started a campaign to bring LeoFinance Witness to the ranks of top 20, also knows as consensus witness status. The…

Check and Update your Witness preferences!

Witnesses have a key role to guard HIVE from any external attacks that could compromise the blockchain, which is why there was the Hard…

Dach-Bot, Witnesses und Krypto Schluckauf in einem Post

Seit meinem vorletzten Post hat sich derDach Bot, oder viel mehr die Anzahl derjenigen die den BOT bedienen erhöht. Schön zu sehen wenn er…

June 2021

May 2021 is very unpredictable month for me personally. I’ve maintained my focus with our collective Hive Twitter Marketing and avoided…

Binance presenta Automata Network: privacy e sicurezza per le dApp

In questo periodo di ribasso del mercato, una nuova Launchpool era proprio quello che ci voleva. Per il suo ventesimo lancio…

HBD Interest Payouts For May 2021

Another month has passed and Hive keeps paying 3% interest on HBD held in the wallets, both in liquid and savings. This may change after…

Witness Earnings Weekly Report - 2021-05-31

Support me, vote my witness [ ](

New Witness Voting System

I had already written this post weeks ago but there was a bug on LEOfinance and I lost it. You'll just have to take my word for it that…

Hive, where's the Invitation Link that Rewards Hive Bees!?

Respect Hive, it is standard for several platforms to have an Invitation Link, which rewards those who bring people to the platform…

Witness progress

It will soon be the second month since I launched the witness node. During this time, I rose to 128th place on the witness list. I think I…

This User Does Not Seem to be Happy With My Witness Votes

Two days ago I posted about using your witness votes , and I urged that hive users should also be using their witness votes and vote…

Witnesses....the hidden corner of this chain

recently I saw the Call to Action to vote on Leofinance as a hive witness. I'm years on hive and st33m and I only know 19 of the first…

Are You Voting for Hive Witnesses?

Okay so today I want to remind those of you who forgot about voting Hive Witnesses or don't know about their witness votes. You have 30…

Call To Action - LeoFinance/Hive Witness

I've never done a call to action post before but I'd like to start shaking things up a bit here and start rewarding the teams that put in…

Witness Earnings Weekly Report - 2021-05-17

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witness wars may be coming back; vote for Drakos.

The ruling pigs have turned into farmer Justin Sun Jones. It is time that users of hive, however futile, start a coup and invoke our…

Questions about the Hive witnesses vote

I was wondering if I could earn hive for voting for Witnesses today. The reason I thought about it was that Steemit had a similar…