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NBA Topshot: A good investment?

Few weeks back I was told by a friend about NBA Topshot and their digital cards. NBA Topshot is a joint venture by NBA and Dapper Labs.…

An other day, an other sh*tcoin: Internet Computer

An other day, an other sh*tcoin! Here we go again. An other day, an other coin jumping on the 5th place of CoinMarketCap a day (!?)…

Dog fight: Shiba Inu

An other day, an other sh*tcoin! Up on place number #19 of coin market cap within 24h at the time of writing this. The new Reddit…

My worst crypto decisions EVER

This is not a post, this is a confession of an impatient man. I've made some good decisions in life, in particular with my professional…

Cinco De Mayo Weed Market Wednesday- YOLO ETF Overview - US House Passes Cannabis Banking Bill

▶️ Watch on 3Speak Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Hope you all are having a good day! I am ch

Putting money in Bullshit - YOLO

Nachdem das mit Spliterlands so gut geklappt hat und ich die anderen Zockereien übersprungen hab, war es mal wieder an der Zeit Geld zum…