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The intention of revamping our referral program was to provide easy to understand incentive for our community to advocate to their friends without limits. The initial BG50 offer drove a response that was unsustainable and was modified to drive the behavior we were seeking - the staking of MCO for MCO Visa Cards. As such, we need to close out the previous iterations and move forward as follows:

Closeout of Previous Referral Programs

BG50 Initial Version: All referrers whose friends carried out a valid crypto purchase transaction during the limited time period have had their $50 USD bonus credited to their MCO Wallet. Check this in the App under Rewards > Referral Bonus.

Platinum Referral Rewards: Referees whose sign-up bonuses are due following the 90-day locking period under the previous program will receive their bonuses (without the need to perform a valid transaction). The bonuses will be credited directly to their MCO Wallet on the month the bonus is due to unlock:

  • Bonuses due to unlock in July will be credited next week.
  • Bonuses due to be unlocked in August and September will be credited during the middle of each respective month.

Referral Program Early Supporters: Referees whose $10 USD sign-up bonuses were due upon MCO Visa Card activation have received their bonuses in their MCO Wallets. Those that have either conducted a crypto transaction (bought crypto with credit/debit card or bank transfer) or reserved a metal card have been credited this sign-up bonus.

Those that have not made a crypto purchase or reserved a metal card to date, have their bonus locked in their MCO Wallet. This can be unlocked by staking 50 MCO or more (reserving a metal MCO Visa Card).

Sign up now: or use code " detjyfwzk6 " and Earn $50 USD free.

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