MAP Rewarder Free MAPR Tokens & News of the Day - - 24 January 2019

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MAP Rewarder distributes daily MAPR tokens, and SBIs at weekends, to our delegators and token-holders - these are bonuses on top of the weekly distribution of MAPR tokens. I think this has worked well and will continue until further notice.

See below for the Winner.

To qualify, you must be a delegator to MAP Rewarder or a MAPR token-holder.

Delegating to MAP Rewarder: Benefits for Small SP Accounts.

There you can read about the whole philosophy behind the bonuses offered to delegators; larger delegators obviously receive higher weekly payouts in STEEM terms, but smaller delegators can receive far more in percentage terms.

Read below about all the projects in the MAP Steem FinTech group.

MAP FinTech News of the Day

= ONECENT has just a week left to run and heading towards a 15 cent finish.

= MAPX powers up again its weekly liquidity power-down. Now a whisker below its target 10,000 STEEM.

= MAPXV income from token sales powered up as SP. TRENDO tokens staked.

= MAPR tokens being given as prizes in this new Nonsense Writing Contest. Voting open for one more day.

= If you are holding liquid STEEM, perhaps waiting for the price to rise, then MAPR is the perfect "deposit account" as you will earn a high weekly interest rate and be able to quickly sell those tokens whenever you need the STEEM.

= Both ADDAX and TULIP will restart soon.

= As always, MAPX, MAPXV and MAXUV published their weekly accounts on Sunday.

= Also, MAPR published its weekly statement on Monday, adjusted its token price upwards to reward token holders and distributed fresh tokens to SP delegators.

= Re-opening our public MAP FinTech chatroom. Feel free to come and ask any questions. If the link expires then just request a new one in a comment.

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Telegram Rescinds Promises to Investors Following Regulatory Scrutiny
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Binance USD Stablecoin Pleases Tough New York Regulators

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Building Steem's Fintech

MAPR Token


Earn a high passive income without SP and without delegating - just buy asset-backed MAPR tokens. They are liquid, so you can buy and sell them as if they were a deposit account, and they earn interest every week, so you will see their price rise.

Recent Weekly Payout: MAP Rewarder: MAPR Payouts to Delegators and Price Increase for Token-Holders for 20 Jan 2020 (17.2% APR, 18.7% APY)

Also worth reading: Launch document of our MAPR token; and Important Changes to MAP Rewarder - New Payouts in MAPR Token Explained - 21 July 2019 and MAP Rewarder: More Details on the MAPR Token for Delegators and Investors - 25 July 2019.

You have the choice to either buy and hold MAPR tokens or to earn the same tokens by delegating SP.

You may delegate to MAP Rewarder using these links:

10 SP, 20 SP, 50 SP, 100 SP, 200 SP, 100 SP, 500 SP, 1000 SP, 5000 SP, Other.

Please note that the minimum delegation has now dropped back to just 10 SP. Any delegations below 10 SP will not be accepted.

Also note that weekly profits are now paid out in MAPR tokens that can be converted to STEEM on the Steem Engine DEX or held for longer-term compounded interest.

MAXUV Universal Vote Bond Token


An evolution from MAPX to MAPXV and now MAXUV, the ultimate vote bond.

MAXUV votes are designed to be proportional to a whale vote of 1 million SP but, obviously, scaled down to match the tokens you hold. With HF21, this can make a significant difference to your earnings.

Maximum MAXUV holdings currently set at 2,000 tokens. Price of MAXUV will be held at 1 STEEM each for the foreseeable future.

Recent weekly accounts post: MAXUV Weekly Statement & News - 19 January 2020 [MAP Steem FinTech]

MAPXV Vote Bond Token


If you post more than once per day, then MAPXV is the token for you!

Launch post: MAPXV.

MAPXV yields 2 votes at 0.2% weight per day per token, plus share in capital growth.

Delegation-mining is currently full, hence unavailable.

Recent weekly accounts post: MAPXV Weekly Statement & News - 19 January 2020 [MAP Steem FinTech]

MAPX Vote Bond Token


MAPX was our first "vote bond" and remains our most popular. However, MAPX tokens now almost sold out, so in order to build a meaningful stake, it is best to invest in MAXUV instead.

Launch article: New MAPX Token for Upvotes and Value Growth.

No new delegation-miners accepted.

I call these "investment vote-bonds" as they work in a very similar way to traditional bonds. The "interest" on the token is "paid" through Steem upvotes while the token itself increases in value as income from the fund is reinvested into the underlying Steem Power.

Buy MAPX tokens.

Recent weekly accounts post: MAPX Token Weekly Profit Statement & News - 19 January 2020 [MAP Steem FinTech]

Plus Some Serious Funtech

ONECENT Strategic Token Investment Game (STIG)


Our first experimental STIG!

Check out: ONECENT: New Strategic Token Investment Game Now Open

Duration: Day 193 of 200 Days
Current ABV Price: 14.85 STEEM cents

Recent post: ONECENT Report - Profits Update, News & Free Upvote - - Day 193 of 200

Just a few days left.

ADDAX Token Game


ADDAX is similar to ONECENT but much shorter games - usually 28 days.

ADDAX Round 2 has just finished and players are being paid their profits as token buybacks at the ABV.

ADDAX Trading Game Round 2 Report - Game Over! Cashing Out Time - 55% in 28 Days - Day 29 of 28

Duration: 28 Days
Closing ABV Price: 10.275 STEEM cents
Ends: 22 October {closed}

Profits in Round 2 were 55% in 28 days!

Follow @ADDAX to be informed when Round 3 starts.

TULIP Mania Token Game


The TULIP Mania Game is very similar to ADDAX, but allows us to have multiple games running.

The TULIP Game has recently finished its Round 2, which lasted just 15 days.

The TULIP Mania Games are short-term trading games designed to make higher than averge profits for players.

recent post: TULIP Mania Game Round 2 Report - It Pays to be Paying Attention - Day 18 of 15

Important Post: TULIP Game Report - Don't HODL The TULIPS - Day 3

Announcement: The TULIP Mania Game - Rules and Guidelines - 8 August 2019

Duration: 15 Days
Final ABV Price: 1.50 STEEM cents.

Today's Winner

**Today's winner is: @thehive **

The new prize is 1 MAPR token plus nominate one person to receive 1 free MAPR token from us.
That person must be a new member and must not be on this list of MAPR token-holders, even if now with zero tokens.


Till next time!

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