MAPXV Daily Report & News - - 28 Mar 2020 (Hive)

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We continue to post on Hive copies of Steem posts as our posts are hidden. This is important for MAPXV token holders.
We shall stop once the whole winding-down process has been completed. Then we shall continue to run MAPR and MAXUV on Hive, but more on that once the tokens have been set up.

A brief update for current MAPXV members.


The most important issue remains that MAPXV is winding down and members must act.

Please read our main announcement, either on SteemPeak or PeakD on Hive.

I have asked all delegators to withdraw their delegations. I see just two remain: @ecoinstar and @shaunmza. Today I shall pay out the last delegation-miner income but that will be the last time, so please undelegate as soon as you can.

Our first major power-down payment is not till Monday, so plenty of time for MAPXV members to let me know which option they prefer. As powering down is a slow process, member requests are placed in a queue and will be processed weekly. We hold very little within Steem-Engine, which is also why we have a nice pot of HIVE to also distribute. But it also means we have very few assets to sell and distribute any such liquid tokens.

Tomorrow will be our usual weekly accounts. Instead of looking forward to positive numbers, it will be a testament to how quickly we can liquidate.

In terms of speed, the fastest option for members is to do the token-swap for MAXUV and then wait for Hive-Engine to be operational, when they will get an airdrop of MAXUV-Hive. This assumes Hive-Engine will be working within one or two weeks, compared to waiting for multiple power-downs. The choice, however, is yours.

Have a fine week!

What is MAPXV?

MAPXV was the second vote-bond, after MAPX, in the MAP Steem FinTech family of tokens. It is designed to give 2 upvotes per day at 0.2% weight per token. This means that the maximum effective holding is 500 MAPXV tokens and that will yield two 100% votes. There is no fee for this, just buy and hold the tokens and the upvotes will appear within about 24 hours. There is also no unstaking period, so your investment remains liquid and you may buy and sell instantly.

The mathematics that underpins MAPXV means that everyone gets exceptional value in terms of both upvotes and the value of the token. All profits, both from rewards and token trading, are compounded back into the fund SP. We publish weekly reports to keep members up to date with the financial health of the MAPXV fund.

Make your STEEM work for you without being locked up in SP. Buy MAPXV tokens on the Steem Engine DEX.

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