🕵 New Airdrop: EarnBet (3rd Round)

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**Total reward: Up to 2 XRP + 5 BET + BTC [$0.5 to $10] for participation and 2.5 BET per referral (max. 100)

✔️ BET is already listed on Binance DEX and XRP is a top 3 coin worldwide.

🔴 Start the EarnBet Airdrop Bot

🔘 Join their Telegram group and channel (Mandatory: 2 XRP)

🔘 Register on the EarnBet website(Mandatory: 3 BET)

🔘 Follow Twitter and retweet the pinned post. (Optional 1.5 BET)

🔘 Do the other task on the bot. (Optional: 0.5 BET)

🔘 Submit your details to the airdrop bot.

🔴 You also have a chance of earning $0.5 to $10 worth of Bitcoin randomly. After joining the Earnbet Telegram Group post your WAX deposit memo which you can get from your profile and claim your BTC reward.

🔴 Email isn't required in order to sign up Earnbet website. You need to save the recovery words given to you safely while registering on the Earnbet website.

🔴 The airdrop rewards will be distributed to your wallets on your Earnbet account on the 31st of January, 2020 at the latest.

📹 Youtube Video about how to participate in the Earnbet Airdrop:

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