The PEACE Token is live, and interacting with the Steem blockchain!

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Want to earn a Peace Token? See below!

The recently-announced custom currency is limited to 47000. This post lays out my plan for their mintage, distribution, and potential uses.

Token Name: Peace Token
Symbol: PEACE

Currency character: P^
Decimal places: none (non-divisible)

Max Supply: 47,000
Currently minted: 2,000

PEACE token market

There are 2000 tokens in existence, 4.25% of a total 47000 that can ever be created. My plan is to mint more tokens only when the current supply has been traded, sold, and given away. As described below, I'm going to list some on the open market, to allow other users to get their hands on them, at whatever price the free market dictates. I'll also be actively looking for ways to distribute them directly to promoters of peace - some are found below. To avoid flooding the market with tokens that aren't in use for anything (yet), I won't mint more until they're required, as dictated by supply and demand.

Many tokens are numbered in the billions or trillions - with up to 8 additional divisions by decimal places. Peace Token's 47000 max issuance is a notably small number, especially considering they aren't divisible. This aspect of the Peace Token is both a pro and a con, and it will be interesting (from a monetary theory standpoint) to see how it plays out.


The stated purpose of Peace Tokens is spreading and sustaining peace on the Steem blockchain. How can individuals, groups, or projects utilize use Peace Tokens in ways which may further that goal?

  1. to make a statement (publicly show their support for peace)
  2. as prizes, rewards, or gifts
  3. to trade, collect, or invest
  4. "recognition of peaceful acts" program (ROPA) - see below
  5. additional uses that I will develop
  6. additional uses that you will develop

Peace Tokens can't be mined. They are not stake-able (they can't be powered up). They won't be able to be delegated (loaned). This gives them a unique function and feel.


The bearer of this token supports peace on the Steem blockchain.

Each token is 'stamped' with that inscription. Those who prefer violence, war, and aggression can skip this one!


The anticipated common ways newly minted Peace Tokens will get to individual token-holders are:

  1. direct transfer to users steem-engine accounts for peaceful blockchain actions I encounter (I have sent out about 10 as a test so far, and will be continuing to send out more daily)
  2. trades or gifts
  3. purchase through the secondary market
  4. promotions and special events
  5. ROPA

ROPA - Recognition Of Peaceful Acts

This is how anyone can earn themselves a Peace Token!

Find an original Steem post by someone else - less than a month old - that discusses, promotes, embodies, spreads, encourages, and/or advances peace. Copy that post's URL and include it in a comment on any Peace Token post. I'll investigate the linked post, and consider the creator for a Peace Token. If appropriate, both the creator and you will receive one!

Peaceful acts aren't always posts, but comments aren't included in the ROPA program. However, if there are projects or other actions (aside from simple posts) that you'd like considered for a Peace Token, please bring up your suggestion as a comment on any of my posts on this topic.

No, you can't nominate your own post. But you could link a friend or supporter of yours to this post, and ask them to consider nominating yours. If your post is of good quality, discusses peace or is part of a peaceful action, and you haven't already received one for a similar post, you'll get a Peace Token - and so will your friend.

If you have other peaceful actions on the blockchain that you think should be rewarded with a token, please bring them up and I'll have a look!

If there's any question what I mean by "peace", here's one of my videos on the topic:

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ▶️

Get out there and declare Peace on someone, today! Peace may not be the loudest and flashiest topic, but it's absolutely vital for our health and survival. Luckily, the message speaks to us deeply, and it's contagious. Be part of the spread of harmony, accord, serenity, non-aggression - and the Liberty that can exist in such an environment. Thank you for everything you do for peace.

One more way to earn a Peace token

I'd love it if my followers help me spread Peace by resteeming this post, and I'll make sure you become a proud token-holder! Just comment here to let me know you've done so.

Yes, it's possible to earn yourself Peace Tokens in more than one way! If you end up with multiples, please feel free to transfer extras to anyone you know that deserves one! The more of us sporting the token, and the more of us promoting peace as often as we're able to, the stronger the compound effect our actions will be.

PEACE token market

This post will be updated in the coming days, and new updated posts will be released regularly, so stay tuned.

Thank you so much for your participation!

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