The 5 Rules of Earning Crypto-Assets On The Blockchain

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What's up, its ya boy Trilli here for another episode of actionable advice with a soft sales pitch.

So, lets get to biznid:

I can take a pretty good guess as to what you're thinking already...oh man just another one of those 'feel good' articles telling me all this cliche garbage.

Nah fam.

I wouldn't do that to you.

Anywho, aren’t you just so tired of those?

Well, here’s the thing: this list is actionable advice, only.

I'm currently writing straight from my desk in the sunny state Kenya & I’m wondering what I would have wanted to know when I was first starting my online crypto-assets makin' mission.

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The things that would've helped me succeed like no other...

Let’s get to the Steak ‘N Potatoes of the 5 Rules Of Making Crypto-Assets Online:

  1. Making crypto-assets online as is all about portraying an emotional feeling or lifestyle
  2. Spend less time finding the ‘perfect’ idea, product, client and more time taking ruthless action
  3. Everything is testing, test your copy, your ad creatives, your images, everything
  4. In the beginning, times might be tough, giving up is for the weak
  5. The only metric that matters is SALES, not clicks, not opens, not add-to-carts, only SALES
    And there ya have it folks…

The 5 rules of making crypto-assets online as a beginner.

Apply that good stuff, make yaself some sweeeeet profits.

There is something I wanna do though.

I want to chat on #5…because a lotta folks seem to care about the wrong metrics when it comes to blockchain commerce.

Focused on Add to Carts, Page Views...and everything else.

Aside from purchases.

Big big big mistake. Instead of taking high ROI action and finding the right metrics to follow, they wasting their time.

Hundreds of dreadful hours wasted.


Don't be that guy.

Learn from me and my experiences, and when I say, investing in yourself to trade your money for more time is ALWAYS worth it. Time is finite, the blockchain mints hundreds of millions of dollars everyday, but they do not print you more hours of your day.

That's a Coors Light cold hard fact.

And when presented with an irresistible offer such as Universal Hustle Affiliato for free forever..the choice couldn't be more obvious.

If you want to make a full-time income with crypto-assets, that is.

Here's the catch:

This offer is not ending very, very soon.

Its forever, free, and legit to be exact.

And when that time comes, not only will you never be able to enroll inside of UHA again, but you won't be able to get any training of this quality for this price.

Clock's ticking...

If you're an aspiring 6-fig crypto-assets wallet owner, head here before the doors slam shut for good:

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Till Tomorrow.

Trilston 💲

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Cool stuff! I like you point about focusing on the Sales. That IS the bottom line of that bottom line! Great post overall. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Thanks for stopping by. The grind doesn't stop.

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