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Or when not to fix that leaky faucet.
What is he talking about now? I'm glad you asked. Satoshi Litoshi Dogeoshi? Ok, I made that last one up. But, I'm sure as things progress, someone will come up with a unit for smaller and smaller amounts of Dogecoin along with all the other "coins" that seem to arrive every day.
If you've been around awhile you've probably seen people throwing around the phrase "Stacking Sats". Basically, it just means acquiring satoshis or, bits of well, Bitcoin.
One of the easiest ways out there is to find a Bitcoin or Litecoin faucet. Lord knows there are a lot of them. A simple google search will reveal thousands of results that are faucet site or just mention that term. How do you determine which ones are worth it? Unfortunately, the only way to know is trial and error. I've found some good ones that seem to work well, have no issues and dump any earnings right into my coinpot account. You will need a place to store your micro earnings until you reach the required amount for withdrawal. Most sites seem to require 0.002 before you can get your funds out. Coinpot is just the one that was suggested to me. It's easy to set up and easy to use with most faucets. There are no tricky passwords to remember or keys to track. It's usually just a matter of signing in with the same email address you used to sign up with the CP account.
A major caveat: These site owners have to pay for the sites etc so there are ads and pop-ups and other things.

What exactly is a faucet? It's a website that pays you small amounts of satoshis etc for spending time at their site. The ones I use are set at 5-minute increments. Wait 5 minutes, solve a simple captcha and collect your coins. Other sites offer games, either poker or dice. You can bet on a hi or low roll of the dice and increase your sat amount. It is not a quick process by any means.
One site started at 0.0000020 and now it's .0000016 or something every hour. Most sites I've come across offer bonuses for loyalty or referrals and other things.
Mooncoin is probably my favorite site at the moment. You can decide when to collect your coins, provided you wait at least 5 minutes. It will just keep accumulating until you decide it's time.
This one is for Litoshi or Litecoins.
Another is freebitcoin
This one pays out once an hour. Again it's not a lot but, it does all add up s l o w l y.
Bitfun is another faucet. The difference here is there are games to play while waiting for your coins to drop
The only limit I can see is how many of these you want to run at the same time and how much you can take before your eyes glaze over.
There are a few posts out there claiming you can earn up to 10,000 satoshis a day. I'm not quite there yet, but I suppose it is possible. At the end of the day, it's practically free money umm currency.
Below are my referral links to the faucets that I use every day. Try them out and see how they work for you.

And a really cool new browser called Brave. It looks and acts just like chrome. Plus, it has built-in ad blockers AND it is possible to earn BAT tokens from using it.

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When I used to do faucets back in the day, the low paying ones paid out about 10000 sats each. Average was 50k sats and the good ones were 100k sats.

I saved it all until bitcoin hit 10k USD, so I earned about $45 an hour doing faucets.

I'd love that. All the sites I see are paying very little.

The google search in this case I disagree with, you are much better off to ask around and talk to some folks that do faucets and ask questions. For example have you cashed out of this program how long did it take, and so on. There are some great ones that Craig has listed there are more but there are a bad ones as well. So ask people you know and trust which the best ones are. Great post Craig.

Thanks, Eric. I should have added in that bit about asking others who are actively using faucets.

I've been running faucets for several years. You mentionned the best faucets around there. I've been running a list with the best btc faucets and there might be some faucets to check-out.

Best regards,

great to know about this for the first time

interesting post, Craig! not at this level yet I suppose. I have a long way to go! ^_^

one step at a time. This is not a sprint, by any means. I'm constantly learning new things every day.