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This is just a quick update for those playing along at home. I did a video yesterday. Nothing glamorous or anything. The important thing is, I did it. Thanks to @jongolson, @pixiepost, and @captainbob, along with a supporting cast of hundreds dozens several. I got out of my comfort zone and just did it. I can only improve from here. The more I do this, the better I will be, right? Is everyone going to applaud for your videos? Nope. As my old sales manager used to say "Some will, some won't, so what?" You do you boo. Your audience will find you. But, and this is a biggie, you have to actually do something in order for that to happen.
Who knows? Someday this could be you ---->
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Just go out and do something. Results will follow.

Back to the point of this follow-up... @trafficinsider wanted to know SPH (sats per hour). I admit, in full disclosure, I was too impatient to go a full hour. Below is a screenshot from my fauctehub account. I did about 30 minutes and these are the results.
freecoin stats.jpg
That's 189 sats in about 30 minutes. We can even bump that up slightly if you click captchas faster, are not easily distracted with shiny object syndrome and have a good tailwind. (ok that last part may or may not matter, we try to not judge here). For argument sake let's use 400 SPH. That is, according to coinmarketcap 0.000004 Bitcoin (BTC)=0.041025 USD. 4 cents an hour. It's not exciting, it's just not, no matter how you spin it. But, as I always say it's more than you would have if you didn't do it. In about 4 hours you could convert that to 1 Steem.
The trick is to multiply your efforts. The best way to do that is through referrals. Just on this site alone, they offer %50 of whatever they do. Most sites offer the same basic deal. There are so many sites out there. The other option is to buy BTC. The choice, as always is yours.
Check out the site here and see what you think. If you do, let me know in the comments below. The cool thing is, I will upvote your comments. That gives you the free btc from the faucet, a tiny amount of steem and ctp tokens. Paid 3 times for one action! Find me a better system and I will come check it out.

As always, just my .02¢. YMMV
Craig ₿⚡
Keep Stackin!

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  ·  8 months ago (edited)

I don't know if I have praised your video yesterday, but if I didn't shame on me! :) For your first video, it was more than good... ;)

Anyways, these BTC faucets are a good thing if you are going into promotion, bringing referrals, and those 4c per hour is not too much for you, but for someone in a poor country, that can be an important income.

Thanks for the informative post!

Absolutely. I wasn't trying to knock the amount. I know it can help so many people. Thank you for the encouragement.

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Your video was great @athomewithcraig, now it's time to make it a habit, and thanks for breaking down the numbers and stay awesome.

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Thanks for sharing this, Craig! I'll wait for more of your DTube videos! ^_^